Saturday Organic Fabric by Monaluna

Our new Saturday collection has arrived! The fresh fabrics finally landed at our warehouse on Monday, and we’re busily shipping them out to shops and designers who have been patiently waiting while they made their slllooooowwww progress through customs. I’m so excited to get to work making with these fabrics! It’s a funky little group of designs that all evoke for us a relaxed, creative weekend vibe.

Saturday Organic Fabric Patchwork

These designs have all been printed on our premium organic poplin, which is our most versatile substrate. It’s wonderful for quilting, adding a smoother, softer hand than traditional quilting cotton, and it also works beautifully for many apparel projects, pillows, tote bags and all kinds of other sewing projects. As always, the fabric is 100% GOTS-certified organic, which means that the farming and production processes meet very strict environmental and social standards. If you’d like to read more about the certification details, you can view the guidelines here.

We had a chance to work on some patchwork projects like the quilt and pillow above, and this Market Bag (by Noodlehead) using the small amount of sample fabric that we had before the shipment arrived, but now I’m ready to get to work on some more projects. I started a cute wrap skirt using the Cruise print (bicycles!) and the mustard Shards print, and I’m going to try a Sutton Blouse (by True Bias) with the Terrariums. What would you guys make from these prints? If you’d like to see more, you can hop over to our website to view the full collection, or place your order!

Saturday Patchwork

Our Saturday organic fabric collection is almost here! It landed in Oakland last week, and is making its way through customs now, so we will have it any day. This is always the hardest part of the long wait for fabrics, because it can take a couple days or many, and I’m always so anxious to get started on all the projects I’ve been dreaming up. This collection is designed to be smaller – just 5 prints – but it coordinates with all 4 of the Magical Creatures blenders, so you have a total of 9 coordinating prints (and you can even work in Magical Creatures if you want to blend themes!) The prints are diverse, but they all center around the theme of laid back weekend pursuits.

I have been wanting to sew a blouse from the Cat Nap print (featuring cats and houseplants on orchid) ever since the strike-offs arrived, and I have a skirt in mind for the Potted print (succulents and vases on blue), a gardening apron planned for Terrarium and a project bag in the works with Saturday Sewing. What would you guys make with these prints?

Market Tote using Saturday Organic Fabric

As always, the collection is printed on our premium, GOTS-certified organic cotton poplin, which is ideal for all kinds of projects, including quilting, apparel, and projects like the tote bag, above. It’s 44-45 inches in width, and about 3.73 oz/yard. Hop over to the website to see the full collection!



Magical Creatures Organic Fabric by Monaluna

I spent the better part of yesterday unpacking our newest collection, Magical Creatures, and I am so excited it’s here! It’s been a long time coming – we had to switch mills due to the tariffs, and that set everything back a bit, so what already seems like a long process was even longer. The fabrics look great, though, and it always makes me so happy to see the bright and shiny bolts stacked up neatly on our warehouse shelves.


This collection is a bit of a departure from the last few, like Journey and Wanderlust, which used watercolor and indigo ink, and were inspired by my (real) trips and experiences in the Southwest. The new group is whimsical and imaginary, with cheery colors and images of unicorns, dragons and mermaids that would set my 4th-grade heart a-flutter. I’m hoping they will instill the same excitement in some current-day 4th graders, and rekindle it in you grown-up 4th-graders out there.


Despite the mill change, the fabric is our standard premium poplin weave, and is, as always, 100% GOTS-certified organic. I’ve had some questions lately about whether this fabric is best for quilting or apparel, and the answer is, both! I find this substrate to be a wonderful quilt weight – more tightly woven and smoother than standard quilt-weight fabric – but also excellent for crisp garments like shirts, skirts and dresses. It’s a wonderfully versatile fabric. Here are a couple images of garments I’ve made with the fabric (the Ayashe shirt by Figgy’s, a made-up pattern by me, and Monaluna’s Skater Shirt pattern, L to R), and I’ll have some images of a lovely Magical Creatures quilt shortly!


Magical Creatures by Monaluna


One of my favorite parts of running the Monaluna shop is discovering all the cool products by makers and designers that we carry in the store, in addition to our fabrics. It’s like Christmas every time we get a box full of beautiful hand-poured candles, or gorgeous jewelry made by a designer in their studio. Here’s a list of some of our favorites, perfect for holiday gifts.


The Stocking Stuffers

Modern Scandinavian Holiday Ornaments



Shopping for a minimalist? We have a beautiful array of modern, Scandinavian holiday ornaments, like the gorgeous Tiny House ornaments from Norwegian artist Laurie Poast, or lasercut, mid-century walnut and birch ornaments from Frederick Arndt and Light+Paper Studio.


Are you shopping for a sewist? Try some of the beautiful sewing tools from Merchant and Mills, like the Baby Bow Scissors, Pin Magnet, Tailors Wax or specialty pins like the Spanish Lace Pins, delicate, red-headed pins made in the oldest pin factory in Spain. The Rapid Repair Kit is also perfect for anyone who might want to make quick repairs on the go!


Is there a quilter on your list? The simple Post Card Patterns from Purple Pineapple Studio make great stocking stuffers, an easy and affordable way to give the gift of inspiration.


The Accessories

handmade jewelry by Larissa Loden

One of our most popular makers is Minneapolis jewelry designer Larissa Loden. She takes overstock materials and crafts them into wonderful, modern accessories that feel current and sometimes a bit whimsical, like her bee necklaces and earrings, and the very on-trend airplant necklace. We also have some gorgeous pieces from Swedish designers Sägen and Johanna N, and socially-minded Ethic Goods.

If jewelry’s not their thing, we also have hand-sewn infinity scarves in some of our most popular organic cotton prints, and yummy, all-natural candles in refreshing scents to accessorize the home.


The Craft Kits

Craft kits make wonderful gifts for beginners and seasoned creatives alike! On our trip to Germany last spring we found a great French company that makes the most adorable embroidery kits, with designs featuring llamas, kitties, cacti and woodland creatures. We’re in love! The designs are suitable for almost any level, and they come with everything you need to create a beautiful embroidered project. We also have darling ornament, jewelry and thread-keeper kits from Red Gate Stitchery, embroidered and felt stuffie kits from Kiriki Press and Threadfollower, and lots of great Sashiko kits and cloths.


The Books

It doesn’t matter how many I have, I’m always overjoyed to receive a sewing or craft book (or to buy one for myself, for that matter). Give the gift of beauty and inspiration that will last for years!


The Bundles

When in doubt, every sewist can use more fabric! We have select pre-cut fat quarter and 1/3 yard bundles available, or you can put together your own 1/2 yard or yard bundles by making selections from our full catalog.

Happy holidays to all!

A couple of weeks ago, Amy Butler shocked the fabric design world (or, at least, my little piece of it) by announcing that she is leaving the quilting industry. Today, Abby Glassenberg is hosting a #ThankYouAmy link party to pay tribute, and I want to share my gratitude and a little story about how I got into this business. Because, well, it had a lot to do with Amy Butler.


In 2007 I was working as a freelance designer and had started to sew again after a long (long) pause. I had discovered that my local fabric shop, Piedmont Fabrics, had a great selection, including some beautiful, cool, retro-modern fabric that looked different from what I was used to seeing in fabric stores, so I bought it. During that same month, I had bought some notecards that I absolutely loved, and was searching for a reason to send, and I’d also picked up this gorgeous book, Midwest Modern, at a local bookstore. One afternoon I was sitting surrounded by these treasures when I happened to notice that they were all created by the same person! WHAAATTTT???! Who was this incredibly talented genius who had hit the design nail on the head in all these different products?? Well, Amy Butler, of course. I became an instant fan (a condition that was intensified a thousand-fold when I actually met her and realized what an incredibly lovely person she is). But I also was totally inspired, and for the first time realized that fabric design is a thing. A thing that I really wanted to do.


Over the last decade I’ve had a few chances to talk with Amy, and every time I’m blown away by how kind and authentic and lovely she is, even in the midst of Quilt Market when she’s been talking with literally thousands of people. She has brought such wonderful aesthetic, innovation and design to the industry, but also a very real sense of goodwill that I think has reached beyond her own brand and become a part of this industry. Thank you for everything, Amy, and best of luck in your next adventure!

One of the most exciting parts of designing a fabric collection is when the big package of strike-offs lands on my doorstep. The strike-offs are the hand-screened samples that show what the artwork and color will look like on the final product. Sometimes, they’re spot on and look exactly like I’d hoped they would. Every once in a while they look even better! And then occasionally… well, we go for round two (or three). Last week our Magical Creatures strike-offs arrived, and they look great! Here’s a little peek:

Magical Creatures by Monaluna

The collection is 9 prints total, with 4 of them (the green, gold, lavender and pink blenders) carrying forward to sit with our upcoming Saturday collection (Coming in February). As always, the designs are printed on our GOTS-certified organic cotton poplin (read more about the GOTS certification here!), which works beautifully for quilting as well as many apparel and home dec projects. We see it as a great all-purpose cotton fabric.

The prints are a balance of large, medium and small scale motifs, designed to work well together in quilts and clothing.

There Be Dragons by Monaluna

Although it was tempting to go all girly with the unicorns and mermaids, we got some excellent dragons in there too (for the boys, or girls who like dragons, like me!) The green and gold blenders both work really nicely with that print.

Mermaid Party by Monaluna

I’m already planning for a pair of Mermaid Part pajama bottoms with a Lavender Dots top…

Unicorn Dreams by Monaluna

I felt like I was channeling my 4th-grade self when I painted the Unicorn Dreams print. I was unicorn-obsessed as a 10-year-old, and was also quite excited about flower crowns and peacock feathers, so I got them all into that print. Come to think of it, I’m still a bit obsessed with those things…

There will be a few minor tweaks to the prints (color trapping should be better, and a few colors will be adjusted for better details), but they’ll be on their way shortly! Look for the collection to land around the middle of November.

Field Flowers

Back to School in Simple Life Canvas by Monaluna


There’s just something about fall. Even long after I finished school (and before I had a kid of my own going off to class), as soon as the weather turned cool I would start to think about stocking up on writing supplies, sweaters, and the perfect backpack to carry everything in. This year, we decided to stitch up a little School Days set, including an awesome backpack, a lunch tote and a pencil case, using our organic Simple Life Canvas and Poplin.


For the pencil case, we used a free tutorial by Anna Graham that we found posted on her Noodlehead blog. It’s the perfect size and shape to hold your pencils and pens, and any other small trinkets you want to keep from getting lost in the bottom of the backpack.


Pencil Case in Simple Life Organic Canvas by Monaluna


Mindy stitched it up using Rosa Canvas and Herringbone Canvas on the outside, with a nice pop of On Point Poplin for the lining.


Pencil Case made with Simple Life Organic Fabric by Monaluna


The lunch box is the Chubby Lunch Tote free pattern from the SewCanShe blog. There’s so much great stuff on that blog, but this project popped out as the perfect petite but roomy carryall for lunches.


Lunch Tote in Simple Life Organic Poplin by Monaluna


We used Hydrangea from the Simple Life Poplin collection, with accents and lining in On Point. The zipper used on both projects is a really sturdy and nice organic cotton and metal one that we carry in the shop.



Finally, the backpack is the Range Backpack, also by Anna Graham from Noodlehead, and available for sale in her shop. I absolutely love all the details and functionality of this pack, and the finished product looks super professional.


Range Backpack in Simple Life Canvas by Monaluna


Instead of the usual flap, the top of the pack folds over and fastens with a d-ring closure. It has a nice zippered pocket on the front, and in interior pocket as well, plus adjustable straps and a loop for hanging. Pretty much the perfect backpack! Mindy stitched this one up in the Hydrangea Canvas with Herringbone accents, and On Point Poplin for the lining.


Range Backpack in Simple Life by Monaluna


Altogether they make the cutest little set of back-to-school (or off-to-work) gear! It almost makes me want to go register for some classes…

The weather turned cool here this week just in time for back-to-school. I sent Anabelle off to her first day of 3rd grade yesterday, and now I have a little time to start thinking about fall sewing. One of the the most popular projects we’ve done here in the studio is our Patchwork Infinity Scarf, and Mindy stitched one up in our Journey Lawns last week. The fabric is delicate and lightweight, making it the perfect layer to add a bit of warmth and pattern to early fall outfits. You can get the free pattern for the project here ( just print or save as a pdf), and you can buy a 1/3 yard bundle of the Journey Organic Cotton Lawns (enough to make 2 scarves!) on the website here.

Journey Patchwork Infinity Scarf by Monaluna

Journey Organic Cotton Lawn Bundle

If you end up with some fabric left over, we have another idea for you: you can make this gorgeous patchwork pillow, based on May Chappell’s All Strung Up quilt pattern. Although it can be made with poplin or any quilting cotton, it’s especially nice in lawn, which makes it a bit softer and lighter.


We just got home from Quilt Market in Portland, and we had such a great time! There’s always so much to see, and so many of our quilty friends to catch up with, that it goes by in a blur. This time we were buying for the shop too, so it was even a bit busier than usual. I thought I’d share some photos of our booth, as well as a few peeks at all the awesome creativity we saw there.


Monaluna Quilt Market Booth - Portland Quilt Market 2018


Our booth was decked out with glimpses of our new Magical Creatures and Saturday collections, as well as lots of cute Journey samples, including an awesome May Chappel Blooming Dresden quilt that Janet Johnson stitched up, and Kathy August quilted. So pretty!


Monaluna Quilt Market Booth - Spring Quilt Market 2018


We introduced two new collections at this market, Magical Creatures and Saturday, and they both got great responses! They won’t be in stock until October (Magical Creatures) and February (Saturday), but I’ll have them up on the website to view next week. Until then, here’s a little peek:




I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I’d intended, but those that I did were all nicely coordinated: I was clearly into rainbows! And rich, saturated color. As usual, I was really drawn to the wool felt (coming soon to a Monaluna shop near you).


Sadly, I neglected to match this vendor to the gorgeous samples I photographed. Can anyone help me out with the company name on these felt samples? So pretty!


This was the “Village for All Seasons” quilt by Karen Eckmeier. Ahhmazing.


The Tula Pink booth, one of our neighbors. I cannot get over her gorgeous palette. And the fabrics and quilts, of course!!


A paper pieces quilt, made with Tula fabric.


There was so, so much more to see, and you should jump on instagram and search for #quiltmarket or #quiltmarket2018 for more!

Hello from Frankfurt, Germany! If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’ve seen some photos of the awesome projects stitched up by the bloggers on the Journey Blog Tour hosted by Phat Quarters. They all came up with such great work! I wanted to give a little preview of each project here, and then you can visit each blog to see the full project.

The first stop on the tour was Sprouting Jube Jube, where Deb used our Skulls and Roses, Birdseed Blue and Arrows prints to make this adorable vintage bowler bag (the pattern is the Donna by Swoon Patterns). I love it! Check out more photos on Deb’s blog here . 

Betty Vintage Bowler in Journey by Sprouting Jube Jube

The next stop on the tour was the Handmade Boy blog, where Kelly made a darling Presto Tunic (pattern by Love Notions) from our Desert Floral lawn. I think it turned out beautifully, and it’s inspiring me to make something similar for when the weather (finally) turns warmer.

Handmade Boy Blog

That’s Sew Kari used the same Desert Floral lawn, paired with Birdseed Blue, to make a super cute, floaty and twirly Alice Dress (pattern by Violette Field Threads), along with a matching doll dress (SO cute!). She has lots of images on Pattern Revolution – check them out!

That’s Sew Kari Alice Dress in Journey

Traci made this gorgeous quilt using Journey and Diamond in the Rough from Wanderlust, which coordinates so well that I’m adding it to the Journey collection on the website. I love the intersecting squares, and the simple print block layout of the backing.

Journey Patchwork Quilt

Tami of SewSophieLynn used our Paintbrush and Dry Garden lawns to make two Driftwood blouses (pattern by Twig & Tale). They seem like  perfect, easy spring/summer wardrobe staples (and I love the way she photographed them, too!)

Driftwood Blouses by Sew Sophie Lynn

Liesel of It’s Liesel stitched up a couple of darling little girl outfits using our Dry Garden poplin. She used the Chloe Dress pattern from Honeydew Kisses for the dress, and also made some adorable bloomers to pair with a baby top.

Honeydew Kisses Chloe Dress by It’s LieselHoneydew Kisses Dress by It’s Liesel

I always love a good organization project, and Gemia from Phat Quarters used some of the fabrics to sew up this awesome Grocery Bag Holder. What a great idea! A pretty way to keep your reusable plastic bags.

Journey Grocery Bag Holder

And also on the home organization front, I absolutely love this fabric basket by Crafting in the Rain! It’s perfect for holding extra scraps of fabric, or anything, really. There’s a tutorial over on her blog!

Journey Fabric Basket by Crafting in the Rain

Easter is right around the corner, and this little stuffed bunny is just perfect for the holiday! I love the way Stephanie from Swoodson Says used the Moon Phase print and positioned the moons perfectly on the ears.

Moon Phase Bunny by Swoodson Says

Next, there’s a sweet and simple reversible knot bag made by Ula of Lulu & Celeste, using Desert Floral and Dry Garden, with an adorable matching wallet. The silhouette is so simple and sophisticated that it could be used for anything, from evening bag to project bag.

Japanese Knot Bag by Lulu and Celeste

To add a little flair to your home decor, Katy from Wild and Wonderful made awesome patchwork pillow covers using Coyote Moon, Birdseed Blue and Paintbrush. I love the gradation of blues and the texture!

Journey Pillow Covers by Wild and Wonderful

Finally, Christy from Phat Quarters made this awesome abstract bag, using a bunch of the Journey prints together. I think it looks amazing, and I’m going to try to make one for myself!

Abstract Bag by Phat Quarters

I’m so impressed with all of these projects, and want to say thank  you to all the bloggers involved. I love seeing all the creative and fun ways they’ve used the fabric, and I hope it’s given you a wealth of sewing inspiration!