We had some friends in town from New York this weekend, and they came over to our place for dinner Friday night. It was just the excuse I needed to make this tablecloth that I’d had in mind, using the monaluna About Town foliage print. And I found some ranunculus that looked great with it!

5 Responses to “hot off the singer…”

  1. bellathreads says:

    I absolutely love your fabric designs.

  2. Melissa says:

    gorgeous print! I need to learn to sew…

  3. Britt Bravo says:

    Wow, you area amazing!

  4. Britt Bravo says:

    You’ve inspired me to make a table cloth for our kitchen. Any tips?

  5. monaluna says:

    Excellent! Will it match your pillows? What size is your table? I figured the main fabric so it hung about 4″ beyond the table edge, and then added 7″ of the border fabric (plus an inch to allow for 1/2″ seams). I mitred the corners, but that’s not necessary. If you didn’t want the two-tone look it’s even easier – just turn up a 1/2 inch hem and sew. But depending on your table size, you’d need 56″ wide fabric or it’ll be narrow. 🙂

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