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Attention all sewists and craftivists! My friend Britt Bravo recently forwarded me a site from advertising the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge. I think it’s a really nice idea. They’re encouraging people to make pillowcases which will be donated to women’s shelters, hospitals, foster children and nursing homes. They’ve even included free downloads for pillowcase patterns. So if you have a little extra time over your holiday weekend… get sewing!

I’m finishing up a few last projects this morning, and then am starting on the ridiculous number of dishes that we’re making for dinner at our place tomorrow. Hosting Thanksgiving at our house is always dangerous: I hit the cookbooks, and before I know it I’m preparing 15 different dishes for 6 people. Total overkill. There are just so many gorgeous recipes I want to try, and since it only happens once a year… well. Here’s what’s on the menu this year:
-herb brined turkey
-creme fraiche mashed potatoes
-sweet potato casserole
-stuffed mushrooms
-wild mushroom stuffing (for the vegetarian)
-sausage and pecan stuffing (for the carnivores)
-root vegetable gratin
-creamed onions
-mama Stamburg’s cranberry relish
-cranberry sauce
-green salad with pomegranate and goat cheese
-pumpkin pie
-pecan pie
-dave’s buttermilk pie
Like I said, total overkill. This year I’m promising to keep it to 3 pies, though. Half a pie each sounds about right to me. I hope everyone has a great holiday, with much to be thankful for!

I have some exciting, non-house related news today – I just made the final color tweaks on my new collection of fabric, Monaco! This is a whole new process for me, because this time, rather than just designing the prints and turning them over to a fabric company to produce, I’m working with a mill to have the designs printed on organic cotton. I still have a lot of little details to work out, but it’s an exciting process and I’m learning a lot. It looks like the final product should be here and available for sale on my (reworked) website in May, which seems like a long way off, but (considering all that I need to get done before then) is really just around the corner. Yay! Here’s a little preview of the new line:

two weeks in


It’s now been two weeks, and we’re still unpacking. I can’t believe we have this much stuff! I’m at the point where I’m not sure I can take any more wandering around the house in search of the right box for whatever it is I’m looking for, and so have put on a little more “let’s get this over with” steam. It’s finally starting to look a little more like a place where people live, rather than a disaster area, which is giving me hope.

In addition to just unpacking and finding places for all of our belongings, we’re also getting a crash course in the responsibilities of home ownership. In the last two weeks, we’ve had the plumber here 3 times, 2 electrician visits plus someone to fix the furnace, the AT&T guy (twice – he had to fix some wiring), PG&E guy, plus various installers. We also had a nice housewarming present from Mother Nature: on an unusually windy day three days after we moved in, our front trellis collapsed into the street, carrying about 500 pounds of wisteria vine. We have yet to tackle that one, other than trimming about 2/3 off the top off the vine so that cars can pass on the road.

As daunting as it’s been, though, it’s also been fun. For someone who loves projects, this is a dream come true. Here’s a little peek at our current project docket:
-build a new trellis
-put up chair rail and crown molding in living room (nope, still not done)
-re-tile the kitchen where the microwave/hood was removed (not to code)
-line blanket closet with cedar
-paint the bedroom
-remove the bathroom vanity
-paint the bathroom
-install new vanity
-build a shed
-insulate and sheetrock the attic
-level the yard

Here are a few photos of some of the neater areas of the house: