new look

Hi everybody! I’m working on a new 2010 look for the blog, so there will be some changes over the next few days. I got a little crazy with the HTML last night, and quickly realized I was out of my league and should just stick to the templates. It doesn’t look like any permanent damage was done, at least. So, if the site looks a little funny – bear with me! It’ll be snazzier soon.

4 Responses to “new look”

  1. That round thing displayed is an iron drain cover that was elaborated with colored epoxy.
    I found it in Big Sur, California,the summer of 1964.
    I look forward to “snazzy.”

  2. When are we all going out to a hip Walnut Creek restaurant? You have to show us around so we don't just go there b/c of the Container Store. ;o)

  3. Angie says:

    Love the picture and the tagline is awesome.

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