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I’ve received almost all of the bulk samples for the new monaco line in the past few days, and they look great! I’m still waiting on the scooters, but as soon as I can sign off on those, they’ll be shipped off and on their way to the port of Oakland. Woo-hoo! The fabrics have a great drape and a soft hand, and I already have all kinds of ideas of things to make. I can’t wait til they get here!

Now that spring is here, our yard is suddenly full of all sorts of flowering and fruiting trees. As someone who grew up in Minneapolis, this is a strange and exotic development. I still haven’t quite gotten my brain around the fact that we can have figs growing right outside our kitchen door. So cool! The only thing is, I have no idea what most of these trees are going to produce. I’m familiar with the orange and the lemon – they are in bloom right now, and the whole place is filled with the smell of orange blossoms – but the others… not so sure. Just in the past couple of days, though, little fruits have started to emerge, so it’s just a matter of time…

This one, a neighbor tells us, is a plum. But we’re not sure if the fruit is edible or ornamental. I’m really hoping they’re edible – I have a thing for plum jam.

Cherry? The tree has the signature stripey bark, and the blossoms were a beautiful pink.

I think this one might be an apricot – I seem to remember seeing an apricot on this tree when we first looked at the house in October.
This one is supposed to be a pear. The tree is so little and gnarled, though, with just a few tufts of blossoms, that I’m not sure it’s going to produce anything. It’s pretty, though!
The orange blossoms (and baby oranges) that are smelling so sweet right now.

fun press!


I had a fun trip to Barnes and Noble the other day – browsing the sewing section of their magazines, I found two publications featuring Monaluna fabrics! First, Sew Hip did a great article on my friend Cynthia from Fabricworm and Birch Fabrics, featuring the Circa 50 line that I designed for Birch. The fabrics look great, and should be shipping to Birch as I write this, so will be available soon.

Then, I picked up Quilts and More and came across this cute quilt using my About Town and Mingle collections for Robert Kaufman. It looks like there’s a quilt kit available from

Happy Monday, everybody! It seems like the rain has finally stopped here, and the weekend was gorgeous! Dave and I spent some time yesterday dragging a bunch of furniture in need of recovery onto our back deck, and we started the face-lift on a couple of them. Now that the days are a little longer, we’re hoping to get some project time in after work, or get them all refinished next weekend. Here are the “before” photos:

I forgot to take a before photo of this cabinet that we got at the flea market. It was painted light blue, and I thought I’d keep the color on the inside, but paint the outside white.

We found this bookcase up in our attic, a leftover from the previous owners. Once it’s cleaned up and painted, it could be a perfect bookcase for the baby’s room.

Another flea market find. Originally, we were thinking this could be a good toy chest/bench, with a sanding and a coat of paint, and maybe a cushion on top. The weathered patina is growing on me, though. We could just keep it as-is and use it outside to store flower pots and gardening supplies. Hmmm….

I’ve had this little chair for a while, and again, I’m not sure whether to stick with the weathered look or sand it, paint it and polish up the metal. It could be really cute re-done, but I kind of like it as is, too.

I’ll post the “afters” as soon as we’re done – hopefully in the very near future!

a new hobby


Maybe it’s the pregnancy, but I’ve been having this odd desire to learn how to crochet lately. Kind of figures that instead of food cravings I’m suffering from craft cravings. In a wild burst of optimism, I bought a huge and beautiful book on the subject, along with 3 sizes of crochet hooks, and even though I know perfectly well that I don’t really have time for a new hobby right now, I jumped in. Here’s where I want to go:

And here’s where I am:

Okay, I’m still just practicing. This is my problem with hobbies – I want to be good at them right away. I have trouble being patient with the learning process. I’m inspired, though, so I really want to stick with it.
When I was little I had a dress made (by my grandmother) of granny squares like this one:

I called it the “potholder dress”. Once I master the shell blanket, I think I want to try to make one for “Little Bit”. I’m also fancying the purse, below. That one looks harder, though – I might have to work up to it…

I got an email yesterday from Ginny at Side Stitch by Ginny, and she sent along a photo of one of her new creations – a cool yoga mat bag made from Mingle fabrics. So cute! Her aprons are adorable, too. Check them out here.

I got a surprise package in the mail from my mom yesterday. Inside was my very own travel mug from Pretty n’ Preppy, using some of my About Town fabric. I just love it!

Out of curiosity I thought I’d check Etsy to see what other stuff they had, and saw a bunch of really cute new stuff. As I’ve said before, I love seeing what people do with the fabrics, so I thought I’d post some more images. I’m always amazed by the wealth of creativity I see on Etsy, and these are just a few great examples.

from She Sews Lovely shop
from Brody & Ma’s shop
from The Ellie Rose shop
from Live Oaks‘ shop
from Pixie Spit’s shop
from Cazhoffy’s shop

One of my big projects this month is to get my new Monaluna website designed and up. I’ve been dreaming of a site with really great photographs, but I have a dilemma: while the new Monaco collection should be done printing this week, it’ll be a few more weeks before it arrives here, so currently I have nothing to photograph. Two of my beautiful and gracious friends helped me out this past week by agreeing to let me take photos of them wearing white clothing that could be made from Monaluna fabric, and I’ve dropped in the prints in Photoshop. What do you think? Is it effective? I was going for something that looked a little bit fake, but also indicated what could be made with the fabric. I’m hoping to update the site with new photographs regularly, but thought this style would work well in lieu of actual sewn samples. Here are a few samples:

On the hunt for some storage pieces for our house, Dave and I hit the Alameda Flea Market this Sunday. We actually got there on the early side this time – rare, despite our best intentions – and there was lots of great stuff to see. We ended up buying a couple things (2 great storage pieces, and a couple that are just pretty) and we took some fun photos for future inspiration. I thought I’d share some images with you.

this moment


Inspired by Soule Mama‘s “this moment” post this morning, I’m posting my photo of a single moment that sums up my week: kitty caught in a post-nap stretch, between a stack of yet-to-be-started quilting and yet-to-be-finished painting. In lovely sunshine. After a couple of months of hardly sleeping at all, suddenly this week all I want to do is sleep, but the projects are mounting! Okay, I know that I wasn’t supposed to use any words for my “this moment” photo, but I felt this one needed a little interpretation.

I hope you’re all having a lovely Friday!