I got an email from Jan over at Daisy Janie this week with a great idea for celebrating Earth Day – a blog-hop giveaway of organic fabric! I’ve never done a giveaway before – haven’t had much to give away – but this happens to coincide perfectly with the arrival of the first bolts of my new organic collection, Monaco. I’m offering up 1/2 yard each of 7 prints from the teal colorway – all you have to do is take a look at the prints and leave a comment with your ideas of what to make with them. (I’ll be doing a lot of sample sewing over the next month, and I need ideas!) Then, go ahead and click on the links to the other 11 fabulous designers to enter their giveaways. The giveaway will end at 7am Cali time (10am EST) on Monday, 4/26, and I’ll pick the winner in a blind draw. So, without further ado, here are the prints! Let me know your ideas.

Here are the links for the other participants. Good luck!

Betz White

Birch Fabrics

Cloud9 Fabrics

Cottage Industrialist

Daisy Janie

Harmony Art


ink & spindle


Swanky Swell

Umbrella Prints

510 Responses to “happy earth day – and a Monaco giveaway!”

  1. Linda B says:

    OMG! I LOVE your new prints! Yesterday, I watched an awesome tutorial on making fabric journals. That would be the first project I would make with your beautiful fabric!

  2. Terry says:

    Thanks! These look great! I'm in the process of re-doing a bedroom to be a combo craft room / bedroom. I think these would make luscious pillows and a bulletin board and maybe some curtains or valances.

    I'm going to follow your blog as well!

  3. letterwoman says:

    I love the new prints and the great colors! I would make some small bags and pouches.

  4. Nice! What I am planning to do if I win πŸ˜‰ is nothing new. I would like to create animal shape pillows. I have two dachshunds (Odie and Picasso) at home and I think it would compliment my lovely dogs.

    – Julia

  5. Michele P. says:

    cute prints! I can see bibs and baby clothing or maybe a bag or pillow using these fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  6. cygnetsmall says:

    I would make baby bibs and maybe a little dress for my little one due any moment. Or an art smock with little pockets. Lots of ideas, we'll see if there is any time after she gets here.

  7. thelastpiece says:

    I love your fabrics and I've used a lot of them before in my quilts, so I would guess if I won that I would be quilting up a storm! For your sample sewing… how about a messenger bag with those devine little scooters??

  8. Peggy says:

    Fun prints! I would make a couple new spring pillows!


  9. Tiff says:

    a quilt for sure. love it!

  10. The fabrics are gorgeous (I LOVE the one with the birds!). The bright colors are just screaming “purses” to me (although that's what I do, so I guess that's not a surprise!)

    jennifereladd at yahoo dot com

  11. Kristy says:

    WOW!!! Thank you for your generous participation in the blog hop! What fun! Love ALL these new prints!
    I think I would make a skirt and mini messenger sling for my daughter! πŸ™‚ sooooo keeping my fingers crossed!
    Very happy to be a new “follower”.

  12. two hippos says:

    Those look like some wonderful prints for a fun and gender-neutral quilt.

  13. tong says:

    Love those prints!! So pretty! I'm hoping to make new pillow covers for our bed with some organic fabrics. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Ana says:

    Love the prints and the color combinations!! I would make some pillow covers as well as baby clothing.

  15. Val Miller says:

    beautiful! What couldn't you make … potholders, aprons, bags, purses, quilts, bindings, pillows, baby clothes … and on and on and on … they are so nice!!

  16. Tanya says:

    What beautiful fabric! Some ideas I have would be summer hats, bibs and totes!

  17. Wendy Martin says:

    I would make the cutest summer tote with these fabrics. I hope I win. Thanks πŸ™‚

  18. sewfunky says:

    Your designs are fantastic! I'd probably make something nice for my house – a quilt perhaps?!

  19. Anita says:

    I would make some pillow cases and/or some bags.

  20. Jen says:

    Oh how I LOVE these prints!!!!! The second I saw them I knew I wanted to make a quilt with them! I hope I win!!

  21. A quilt, or some really cool napkins with some rickrack edges!

  22. Jenny says:

    your top right fabric is quite possibly the best backing fabric i have ever seen for a quilt! so gorgeous!

  23. julia says:

    Oh my god the scooters! So adorable! I'd love them as curtains in an old airstream camper. If I had such a camper.


  24. Ammie says:

    I love the scooters and the birdies. πŸ™‚ Okay, I've been sharing the same idea on each blog, but that's because I'd really like to see these! And I think your fabric would make really cute knitting needle cases with coordinating little yarn totes. Seriously, I need six of these in use at a time! Cute, cute fabrics.

  25. Lisa says:

    I would make a cute baby quilt!

  26. those are just gorgeous prints – may I suggest cloth shopping bags?


  27. Patty says:

    Those are gorgeous fabrics. I'd love to make a baby quilt out of them.

  28. Leslie says:

    Teal is my favorite color!!! I'd love to make a quilt out of them! Have a good day.

  29. Honeybug says:

    Walking to the beach to shell forage today and a beautiful warm autumn day in Pt. Lincoln, South Australia. What a better way to spend Earth Day. I would make a beautiful shoulder bag with these fabrics! Pam x

  30. Elizabeth says:

    Those fabrics would be great for a child's quilt. Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. Lisa says:

    Love the scooters!! All the prints are great and a wonderful colorway. I'd love to try to make some Beach bags w/ totable beach towels.

  32. Heather says:

    The prints are just lovely! I'd probably make a wallet, totes, or maybe even a skirt!

  33. these are absolutely gorgeous! what lovely colours you've chosen for this collection. i could see a whole range of clothing items for kids, boys and girls both! it would be fun to mix them up, but i can especially see the little vespas as a button-shirt for boys in the summer. so cute!

  34. beth says:

    I would love to make some pillows or cover my corkboard for my designs area of my studio! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  35. Mary says:

    I love the orange added in with the teals, browns, and tans! With a half yard, I can easily make little reversible tops that criss cross in the back and coordinating shorts for my sweet little granddaughter. The scooters are perfect for her (go, go, go lol)

  36. Express says:

    I would make skirts for my girls!! They would love them! Great design!

  37. camelama says:

    I want to make fun sundresses out of the orange flower fabric, and the blue/green flower fabric! Such fun!

  38. Nana56 says:

    I have a neglected guest room. Pillows, a valance, a coverlet. The collection is gorgeous and I like how well they all work together. Well done!


  39. Jeanie says:

    Well, I love a cute purse and these fabrics are fabulous. So cheerful and bright. Thank you for the give-a-way!

  40. How gorgeous are those colourways! I'd use them to make a throw-rug for our lounge room – as we're heading into winter my boys love snuggling under one in the mornings when they're first waking up.

  41. Jenn says:

    Well, teal is my favorite color, orange is my new favorite color, and if we EVER get our new house I will be doing some serious DIY projects in the near future. Of course I would love nothing more than to use fabrics from my favorite designer!

  42. Jenn says:

    Oh, and I would make pillows!!

  43. Katie B. says:

    Beautiful fabrics! I think they'd make a great bag.

  44. La Alicia says:

    Love your new designs — the one with the little scooters is my fave but they are al adorable! I think it would make perfect purse lining! Each time someone looked into their purse — they would smile at the cutie fabric.

  45. emma says:

    I am busy looking here and there for colours and ideas for a baby quilt and now this giveaway has given me way too many ideas… I think Monaco would be lovely as a child's quilt

  46. First a quilt, definitely. Something modern and cool. Cloth napkins, place mats, and hankies. Oh and a grocery tote bag.

  47. Molly says:

    I am loving this awesome give away you ladies put together! I hope to win and make beautiful reusable lunch bags. Hope I win!


  48. Erin Mercer says:

    Love the scouters! I'd make a purse and a skirt!

  49. I think the prints would be great for family room decor: quilt, pillows & fabric bins for toys/magazines!

  50. AZ in August says:

    I love the striped pattern with teal + orange. I would probably use it to make hair flowers and beautiful runners for a bridal shower I'm hosting :o)

  51. Karen says:

    This collection would make a cute big boy quilt for my two year old grandson. I love the scooters!

  52. Goodness. I'm loving this give-away “hop”! I'd make handbags if I won.

  53. Such a fun collection! I think they are joyful and bright, but also kind of modern. Definitely the type of colour palette I see in a lot of strollers/nurseries/high chairs these days. I'd love to see cushions in all different sizes/aspect ratios, and maybe some little toys. I've also seen great displays of cool fabrics stretched onto embroidery hoops and hung on walls.

  54. Karen says:

    The fabrics are sooooo cute. What a cute quilt they would make!

  55. MossyOakLane says:

    Purse! Maybe lampshade covers? Children's clothes!

  56. dominique, says:

    LOVE the birds! I agree with Karyn about the embroidery hoops….I actually painted a picture of a giant tree in my daughter's room and used some funky fabric hoops as the leaves of the tree…I am ready for a change though and have toyed with the idea of changing the fabric out for each season. Also lots of reupholstering!

  57. debbiekl says:

    Awesome fabrics! I'd love to make some baby items for my new niece/nephew arriving this fall.

  58. Urban Crunch says:

    These prints are too cute! Quilts, quilts, quilts. I think these prints would make the cutest baby quilts!
    Happy Earth Day!!

  59. saganaga says:

    really like the birds ! these prints would make fun spring/summer dresses for my daughter πŸ™‚

  60. Rebecca says:

    Wow! They're beautiful and you're so generous! I'm picturing an outdoor patio set with new throw pillows, place mats, and cloth napkins.

  61. bcre8uv says:

    Sooo in love with your fabric! I think I would make a summery tote bag, or maybe a fun stripwork skirt for my daughter.

  62. Lisabee says:

    Those prints are awesome! if I had them, I'd use them to make some reusable grocery totes (big sturdy ones that could carry milk jugs) and possibly a baby quilt.

  63. Kari says:

    I would use them to decorate my remodeled creative space! The print on the upper left especially would become the cover to my seat cushion. A wall hanging would also be in order.

  64. Erin says:

    Oh my goodness, I love these!! These work so well together, I'm thinking a baby quilt or a messenger bag. So many possibilities!

  65. i have some baby gifts to make (sling and blanket) and the birds and patterns would work perfects.

  66. Corrie says:

    I'm thinking some nice spring skirts! The brown with circles would make a cute purse!

  67. Sam says:

    Oh such an easy question, I will make a washable cover for the couch in the RV for our 4000 mile cruise next month.

  68. I would love to make a summer bag or new diaper bad for my sister inlaw

  69. missknitta says:

    I'm thinking some wonderful summer slippers — what adorable fabrics!

  70. pklaw says:

    Love those little scooters! What a great line. I need to make a lap quilt for a 10 yar old girl and this would be perfect! thanks for the giveaway!

  71. I would love to make a skirt with these!

  72. Emily says:

    I would make of lovely baby quilt with these cheery fabrics!

  73. kevnjacks says:

    I'm on a quilt making roll – so would love to incorporate some of your fabric in a great quilt for my daughter! Love the happy prints!

  74. Becky S. says:

    Oh, such pretty fabric!! I think they would be perfect for a cute summer
    tote bag or an apron. Thanks for the chance to win!

  75. Miss Prickly says:

    Those scooters make me happy!
    Those prints are itchin' to be sewn into a tote bag.

  76. Michelle says:

    Love, love, love the designs. Oh, what to make…hard to decide…but thinking re-usable napkins and table runner…

  77. Brenis says:

    Oh my gosh these are just too cute! The scooters are adorable (my hubby and i ride scooters) how cute would that be made into a simple backpack?! Or over the shoulder bag! Market bags too. LOL
    All the others i am seeing as purses, and gorgeous pillows. Probably not original, but i can just see them as that πŸ™‚ Curtains, quilts.. oh man, the ideas are limitless!

  78. Oh I love the scooter fabric! We have one and my husband loves it! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  79. Linda says:

    I love the colors you use in these fabrics! Orange is my absolute favorite color. The scooter fabric is my fav, also.

    I think it would be adorable in a clutch, or pouch with a little metal frame and clasp.

  80. Amy says:

    These are so wonderful — especially that scooter! Can I just touch them a lot for while before I cut into them? πŸ™‚ I actually think I'd figure out how to make a single skirt that incorporated all of them somehow. Maybe gored with a different fabric for each gore? They definitely get my mind racing! Thanks for the giveaway!

  81. ~ Kim ~ says:

    Fabulous prints. I'd make kids snack packs and lunchboxes with them!

  82. IzzysMa says:

    I see coordinating outfits for my kids πŸ™‚

  83. Tally says:

    Your fabrics are giving me many ideas, I love teal. Since it fits perfect in my office/sewing room I would make one or two mini-quilts displaying a square of each with linen seperating it.
    The stripes low right side and the flowers left top side I would combine for a skirt.

  84. sharon says:

    They would make a wonderful quilt for a child! Love your designs!

  85. anne-laure says:

    Clothes, aprons, skirts, shirts… i'd love to wear those fabrics!

  86. kathi says:

    Beach pants. Lots of pockets for treasures.

  87. Tam says:

    Wow! I was just telling my hubby how i want a Vespa. I think this would be great for a picnic set. Something you could use all the coordinating fabrics. I would make a picnic table cloth/throw, napkins, lining a cool basket,or making a basket,a few fabric bowls, cushions, and a food dome covers. I would love to pull out this lovely fabric made into a picnic set for a movie in the park.Oh and I love the pop of orange too. orange is one of my favorite colors.

  88. Mystica says:

    I would like to quilt for a little boy of about 8 as I think the colors are gorgeous.

  89. Bonnie says:

    Your teal colorway fabrics are fabulous. I'd like to make some tote bags, and those fabrics would be great coordinates to make a couple with lots of pockets!

  90. toll-patchig says:

    Love this prints ! I would make a very nice babyblanket. I have a very fluffy and cuddly organic cotton for the back laying around here – that would be a great combo !

  91. Signe says:

    Happy earth day!
    Your new fabric makes me think of summer and kids in the sun. I suddenly have the urge to start sewing my kids' summer clothes from your fabric. Baggy, mid-knee shorts, colarless shirts (sorry, don't know their proper name in English) and wee pleated, strapped summer tops for my little girl.
    Thank you the inspiration! πŸ™‚

  92. Katrin says:

    The scooter fabric is so cool! I would make a cute baby quilt out of them.

  93. Jona says:

    It would certainly make really cool small childrens clothing. I would use organic fabric for clothing and they are really cute for wee ones. Plus, you could really show of your cool fabrics if there is one mini-dress for each design. It would definitely look pretty hanging in a row (though that is a lot of work).
    And for bringing all the designs together there is nothing better than a baby blanket. And it is easy to show customers all the designs at once!

  94. Rocio says:

    me encantan los diseΓ±os!!!!! son originales y divertidos! ideales para mi casa!! haria almohadones y quilts! cortinas o manteles individuales!!! ayyy las quiero!!!!
    rocio desde cordoba argentina

  95. Meg says:

    Eeek, these are so cute! As a practical person, I'd love to see some practical things made of them..something travel related as the summer is slowly coming πŸ˜› Maybe some passport cases or pouches πŸ™‚

    Happy Earth Day! And thank you for the chance to participate!

  96. Cat says:

    Your fabrics are lovely – I would probably make some baby things.

  97. Marina says:

    I would use them to make a summer top…love the yellow one!! Happy earth day to all

  98. Felifelou says:

    I like the wonderful colors.I would sew bags (messangerbag), some pillows, perhaps a table runner, a organizers or some small purses.Perhaps some sweet animals for kids.
    Greatings Ulrike

  99. What a great combination of colours and designs. I can see sweet little summer dresses using diffrent fabrics for different part of the dresses.

  100. Stasi says:

    I'd use them to trim kitchen towels, the stripes would lok great with my Kitchen!!

  101. dotsandyarn says:

    Fabulous prints! Thanks for the give-away! Difficult to say what I'd do with it. I'd like to feel the fabric first before deciding on a project.

  102. mary says:

    I would use them to make clothes for my 2 boys! I can definitly see the scooters print as some long shorts for them.

  103. ange_moore says:

    Lovely fabric! I'd like to make some pyjama bags for my kids (inspired by Soule Mama) and these colours would suit out decor perfectly and the prints are gorgeous – great for kids but not childish!

  104. AdΓ©lie says:

    Oh, they are gorgeous! I don't know if I would use it to make appliques, or in my textile jewelry, but I know your fabric would end up in my box of “favorite fabrics I really really won't cut until I've found the right project for it”. Sometimes, I cut a small piece and make a pincushion out of it, so that I have the pleasure to see the beloved fabric very often :).

  105. Krys says:

    I am just in love with your designs and have used many in the past {and continue to use} them to inspire me with unique children clothing. Can picture these as either a stripwork skirt or even a little dress with contrasting bloomers or even wrap top with ruffle pants. So many ideas for such a wonderful range of fabrics.

  106. Susana says:

    Hi, that is some wonderful fabric you've made! I can definitely see a great quilt, but also, baby/toddler clothes. I would fussy-cut some of those scooters and birds to use as accents or tiny, tiny pockets. And use the stripe for contrast hems and binding. I love how clean they are and still adorable.

  107. estibogar says:

    I love your work. I would like to participate in this giveaway…Happy Earth Day… πŸ™‚

  108. uglygirl says:

    I would love to make some bunting for a nursery!

    I found you via Ink & Spindle.

    elissa at iinet dot net dot au

  109. Jane says:

    I'd love to make a little dress for my newly one year old niece. She would be adorable in a little pinafore type dress in these fabrics, possibly with a co-ordinating yet different one for her older sister!

  110. Sarah says:

    I'd make little project bags.

  111. Heather L. says:

    Since my fourth child found out last night he's the only one of my five I haven't made a quilt for yet….the fabric might be destined to become that quilt!

  112. Lilly says:

    I would make pillow cases.
    Thanks for the chance.

  113. Love the fabrics. I would love to make my baby girl a new spring dress.

    Happy Earth Day.

  114. Sally says:

    I think that I would make some sort of patchwork bag/purse.

  115. Megs says:

    I am thinking cushions for the outdoor setting! Very cool Fabrics!

  116. Meredith says:

    Ok, the scooter print needs to be made into capri pants for a little girl, maybe with a little ruffle at the hem. So cute, I love it!

  117. Amy Sell says:

    goregous fabrics!

  118. Michele says:

    I am such a sucker for your fabrics! I wish I could trade my entire stash for all yours!

  119. Heather says:

    My first answer would be a quilt, but I'd love to make some cool sun hats for the summer. Yeah, forget the quilt, hats it is.

  120. gardienne says:

    Knitting accessories, like project bags/needle holders and little pouches to hold scissors, needles, nail file etc. πŸ™‚

  121. Amy Sell says:

    I love these! Congratulations on your new line. I would sew up come sweet beach bags or bags for the pool. Even a nice hat to match would be great.

  122. Heidi says:

    These prints seem especially suited to hand bags and reusable snack/sandwich bags!

  123. I would love to win, they are gorgeous! Thanks much for the freebie and for going organic for the earth! I would sew baby items out of them.

  124. Tote bags (one can never have enough) or a little handbag. Potentially a jewelry travel case/organizer.

  125. Liz Noonan says:

    i love this! i would make a bunny or bonnet for my beautiful baby.

  126. I think those fabrics say 'summer tote' or
    'summer backpack'. Both of those are on my to do list for myself. Super cute!!

  127. fieryone says:

    I would use it in a quilt, I've just started quilting and am really enjoying the learning process!

  128. MoniCue says:

    The scooters just melted me! We are a scooter loving family. A Droid case for Scooter Boy and cuties skirts for us girls!

  129. Heather says:

    Sorry to be boring, but maybe pillows. Or a tie for my little lads out of the super-cute scooter fabric!

  130. Jeni says:

    Beautiful prints! I think I would make some mini quilts with those fabrics! They would look great with a brown solid, yum!

  131. delitealex says:

    Love the scooters. I think I would make a bag or a small quilt.

  132. mehelldog says:

    I work at a Quaker school that has great interest in environmental sustainability, in fact, I'm in charge of maintaining our membership in a lot of the sustainability initiatives that we have joined. I also happen to love sewing, of which numerous kids are familiar. Instead of just recycling old clothes to refashion into new ones, I'd love to be able to create several outfits to show the kids that “crunchy” doesn't have to equal drab and that sustainable doesn't have to mean old and pilly!

  133. robinsnc says:

    Very lovely. Thanks for the giveaway.
    The top right would be a lovely dress or skirt.
    The patterns that are smaller and busier would be cute headbands.
    The stripe would be fun as lining for a bag or picnic basket.
    A really fun tutorial idea would be to use any of these fabrics to add your own lining to a button-down or jacket.

  134. britt says:

    a quilted pillow. i have never quilted and i want to start small.

  135. Erin says:

    I have quilts on the brain lately so I have to say these fabrics would probably be used towards a quilt at my house. These would also be cute for an apron, a pocket and lining on a canvas bag and pillowcases.

  136. Kristal says:

    These fabrics are making me think of a beach cottage. I see the bird print as short curtains with a trim of the aqua dots, and the rest of the fabrics as accents, like pillows. Oh, or a beach picnic set, with a tote bag, quilt, napkins, maybe an umbrella!

  137. Carol & Eddy says:

    I'm sorry my idea is not unique but i would make a quilt for my little girl. We call her our ninja turtle princess – she's sweet and all but she also loves racey stuff like scooters and vespas!! :-)Perfect fabric combo!

  138. KyTess says:

    LOVE these prints! I'm already planning on making a journal cover for my mother for Mother's Day.

  139. These would make great tote bags or even library bags for kids! Love them.

  140. nikki says:

    I would love to use these prints to cover some cushions I am making to turn a cedar chest into extra seating. They would go so well with my living room furniture.

  141. sb says:

    The fabrics are gorgeous! I'd love to make lots of baby things out of them. That orange flowery print in particular is calling to me. “Simple summery baby dress!” it says.

  142. Doina says:

    Great giveaway! Please count me in! I would make baby quilt.

  143. Tamiko says:

    I would make a cover for my scooter. Seriously.

  144. Candace says:

    I've been sewing a lot of clothes for my kids so I'd probably use the fabrics for that. Thanks so much!

  145. Mermaid says:

    These are gorgeous. I would definately make a little boys shirt with the moped print and a skirt for me too!! Infact they all would be good for clothes, bags, pillows, the list is endless.

  146. Megan says:

    i think that stripey one would make a nice spring picnic blanket with some waterproof material stitched to the back, and the brown with the circles is calling to me as a skirt πŸ™‚

    thanks for the giveaway

  147. Rachel says:

    I would love to make toys out of those! A nice, modern rag quilt for a baby would be good, too.

  148. walklet says:

    Teal is my favorite color, definitely a quilt!

  149. Shannon says:

    Beautiful prints! I think they would make some really lovely pillow cases… or really, anything, but I would start with pillow cases I think. πŸ™‚

  150. Stacey says:

    Gorgeous prints and colors!!!! Ok lets see, I would start with a diaper bag, move on to throw pillows, maybe do a table runner, a tote bag, a baby carier cover, a makeup bag…. oh the possibilities are endless with this fabric!

  151. momma rae says:

    oh my! they are so fun!! my daughter is in love with all things blue (any shade, but especially teal). i would start by making some things for her dollies, like some new sundresses and maybe a carrier. thanks for the opportunity! πŸ˜‰

  152. zime says:

    Thanks for this opportunity!! I would probably make same clothes for my newborn πŸ˜€

  153. moira says:

    I could make a really funky quilt out of these πŸ™‚

  154. I love the prints, they are so bright and fun! With the brown I would make some baby boy loafer shoes. And with the others I would use a little girl skirt pattern from Anna Maria Horners book. It has a lot of bright colors and ruffles and it would be way cute on a little girl.

  155. Jeannette says:

    Oh I totally love the prints!!! so much fun…what to make my first choice is always something quilty…but I can see a very fun yoga bag or tote to carry for the summer! Fingers crossed hoping I win!!!

  156. Karen says:

    beautiful fabrics!!!!

    I am partial to quilting…. so I think I'd use them in a quilt- or something quilted (like a tote)

  157. hilary says:

    Lovely fabrics! I think you should make a set of nested baskets.

  158. ~Michelle~ says:

    I love scooters! I'm trying to convince my hubs I need one! I would prolly take the scooter print to make a bag to take w/me on the scooter (if I ever get one) :-/

  159. Megan says:

    Great giveaway. I love the fabrics. I mostly quilt…so I would definitely make a quilt with these fabrics!!

  160. Sol says:

    Fun prints! Can't wait to make a messenger bag with the winnings!

  161. {Jenna Lou} says:

    How about some textural pillows… and handbags!!!

  162. Jenna Z says:

    They would definitely get added to my stack to go onto a wonky log cabin quilt I am planning!

  163. natalie says:

    these are so cute-the scooter print is my favorite!! my friend has been eyeing similar prints for her nursery, so i'd love to make a fun nursery set for her so she'll have something truly unique for the baby!

  164. I think they would be lovely for baby and children's items such as quilts, bibs, burp cloths, diaper covers, diaper bags, and cuddly toys.

  165. Jennifer says:

    I would make myself a new purse. My old one is falling apart!

  166. Anonymous says:

    Place mats for my kitchen table … that way I can stare at this beautiful fabric 3 times a day!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  167. Crystal says:

    I would make some placemats and napkins – these are great prints for my house. I might also make some baby things – these would also make up cute bibs, burp clothes and wipes cases.

  168. Michael says:

    Toddler clothes definitely!

  169. Nicole R.J. says:

    Your scooter fabric is so cute! I'd whip up a ruffly half-apron!

  170. Either a log cabin lap quilt or a bunch of fabric boxes for all over my house!

  171. Love the fabric, especially the scooter print! I'd love to make some project bags for my knitting with those prints πŸ™‚

  172. Shannon says:

    I would love to make some pillows for my son's room. Your fabric is so bright and cheerful!

  173. Kelly says:

    beautiful!!!! I would make a business card holder so that I can see the beautiful fabric daily! I also would use it to make a bag, apron, and a quilt. It would also make stunning curtains!!! Oh and beautiful cloth napkins!!!

  174. Love them! I think you should make a squares and frames quilt.

  175. emily says:

    Curtains. My apartment is a bit drab right now and this would definitely brighten it up!

  176. Charlotte says:

    I'm envisioning a skirt for a little girl with the pattern on the uppper left as the main color and with a waistband, ruffle and pockets made out of that gorgeous orange. Or maybe the new Oliver+s pattern for the ice cream dress? Beautiful fabrics!

  177. I love these fabrics very contemporary and retro at the same time. I would use all these fabrics to make gardening aprons with big pockets for keeping bits and pieces in and loops for hanging tools from. I work at a community fruit and veg garden that is lacking in money and I hope to start a course of horticultural therapy for people with depression. I would make aprons for everyone and I'm sure it would raise their spirits. Happy Earth Day

  178. Jacqueline says:

    I would make a set of reversible bibs and burp cloths. I love teal for both boys and girls.

  179. juniperberry says:

    I think these would be great in a bright and happy kitchen! Happy Earth Day

  180. Doris says:

    What a fabulous quilt these would make! And I'd use some of that scooter print to make a fun Summer bag!

  181. I think I might make a patchwork skirt for my daughter.

  182. Carrie in KC says:

    My daughter's favorite colors are blue and green. I'd love to make her a cute quilt for her bed. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  183. Brigid says:

    Such happy prints! Would love to make myself a new bag and some fun pouches! Thank you for the giveaway!

  184. Andrea says:

    of course they would make an amazing quilt! cute little girl dresses and you can never go wrong with a bag! though i've been wanting to try my hand at making clothing for myself, i've always been to scared, but these look like they would make some great springy tops, headbands, scarves or fabric bangles!! oh i'm so excited!

  185. Christy says:

    I love these fabrics! I would probably make a baby dress or collared shirt with them with some bibs.

  186. woolanthropy says:

    BabyBabyBaby…Quilts! Bibs! and Burp cloths, oh my! Perfect for a mod baby.

  187. Brie says:

    SO cute! Thereare so many ideas running through my head. Daughter and doll dresses, baby toys, apron…

  188. These fabrics are so much fun! I'd make a happy little purse out of them.

  189. Mary says:

    Love! I would make a gorgeous quilt, for sure!

  190. Madeline says:

    My favorite new thing to make are decorative pillows. Your prints would look great as home decor!

  191. Oh, I think that a messenger bag out of the Vespa fabric is in order. Nice designs and colorway. Thanks for the give-a-way.

  192. Heather says:

    Love the fabrics! The color combos are wonderful! I would make seat cushions for my kitchen table chairs!

  193. Joan says:

    I love that one on the upper left; I think I would make a shower curtain or window treatment with it.

  194. cindy says:

    I love the patterns! I'd make a small quilt for a friend's baby + pattern some plain kitchen towels and if I have anything leftover, I'd make a few tissue holders. Thanks!

  195. Stacy says:

    I would make something darling for my two year old – for her and for her room. Beautiful fabrics!

  196. Quilt Monkey says:

    I'd have to make something for my husband because he rides a scooter that is exactly that same green color!! Most likely his very own quilt!

  197. Holly says:

    I've been making bags to replace the zip-locks my family uses for lunch. These would be perfect for that, because they'd make me smile every time I see them!

  198. Kelly Irene says:

    I would love to make some kind of ball or ring stackers for my friend who just adopted a baby boy!
    Thank you for participating in the giveaway!

  199. Sequana says:

    Such beautiful fabrics!!!

    I'd be making some kind of gorgeous looking quilt with those. *S* It couldn't help but look gorgeous.

    Happy Earth Day!

  200. Doppelganger says:

    Ooh, just the right amount to make a quilt for my oldest son! I'm in the process of finishing a quilt for his little brother's toddler bed, and he dropped a not-so-subtle hint that he'd like a new one for himself. πŸ™‚

  201. kia says:

    baby booties and bibs!

  202. woolcat says:

    Those are really fun! I think maybe a tiered summer dress for my 4 year old? or they'd be really fun patchwork cushions, too.

  203. Meg says:

    I love your fabrics, and these new prints are fabulous!! These would be the perfect fabrics and colors to use in a quilt to send off to college with my favoritest tomboy cousin in the fall!

  204. I'm just getting back into sewing and enjoying making things to organise my craft supplies – bags, crochet hook cases, yarn holders

  205. Micmacker says:

    This is a great line for a quilt for my teen-aged nephew. That's what I'd do!

  206. Jenna says:

    It might seem unoriginal, but I can't get enough of patchwork quilts – these would be a sweet addition πŸ™‚

  207. I would make a little boys bed quilt and I were lucky enough to have any left over, I would squeeze out a bag for myself. These fabrics are awesome.

  208. Jenn Doll says:

    I would love to make baby items! These are such chic & fun prints!!!!

  209. Heather says:

    These fabrics are so cheerful! I'd love to sew them up in a throw and some pillows to brighten our living room.

  210. Gwyneth says:

    they would make such a cute quilt!

  211. Julia says:

    I hope to make pretty cloth lunch bags, to encourage me to bring my own lunch to work- no more plastic bags!

  212. Sam says:

    i'd love to recover some pillows with these earth-conscious fabrics.

  213. Jo says:

    What fun fabrics! How creative you are.

    Thank you for this offer on Earth Day. Grateful to be a part of this lovely earth and your give-away! Hoo-ah!

  214. cwebb says:

    The scooters I see as a lunch sack, the orange as a little girls dress

  215. sushipie says:

    All of those prints go SO well together. Just looking at them I am inspired to make decor for a boys room!

  216. Melissa says:

    so cute! Stretched canvases and pillows and a covered ottoman!

  217. I love making quilts, and think one made of your new fabrics would be fantastic for a picnic. Also, they would look terrific fashioned into a summer table cloth, and/or place mats.

  218. Liz says:

    The circles on brown are screaming “Skirt! Skirt!” to me. So cute.

  219. I would make a purse, I have a pattern for Ana Maria Horner's Sidewalk Satchel (so cute!) and I need the perfect fabric! Yours would be great!

  220. Sarah Pead says:

    I would make cute little baby bloomers – for a boy or girl. They would be precious!

  221. forzalibro says:

    with 1/2 a yard of each of these, well, i'd HAVE to make reversible cloche-style sun hats with contrasting rims and piping. i might even share the finished products with my friends!!

  222. carmel says:

    i would make some baby clothes for my chubby baby
    it would look so cute on him!

  223. Meg says:

    the striped fabric would make a lovely table runner!

  224. Alice says:

    your prints are so beautiful! I would make them into reusable grocery bags to use instead of plastic. I am going to make 8 or 10 bags and every time I go to the store I will be using them so I hope people will see and copy the idea!

  225. Jessi says:

    aprons, skirts, baby t's, love all the fabrics!

  226. SAMZE says:

    Love the birds! πŸ™‚

    I see these as a great tote bag! πŸ™‚

    I also agree with Holly and think these would make GREAT reusuable “zip locks”, sandwich wraps, and lunch bags. They are so happy! πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity! πŸ™‚

  227. jenn says:

    Okay- the scooters need to turn into a simple backpack for when I ride my scoot, and the birds need to become a skirt for my daughter. I just love the birds. Love!

  228. kirsten says:

    These colors would be great for bermuda shorts or button up shirts for my boys for summer. So cute with a coordinating knit shirt with applique. Love it!

  229. m debello says:

    I really like to use cute fabrics to make doll clothes.

  230. Frannie says:

    I love all your designs. I would make lovely little heart pillows for family and friends as my grandmother once did.

  231. K says:

    I am not sure what I would make..would have to admire and touch and smell the fabric first and think about it! πŸ˜€ Lovely fabrics! The scooter, orange aqua and the brown with circles are my favorites! Very nice!

  232. Teresa Stroud says:

    I would make a purse for my daughter and neices and some decorator items for the kitchen. These colors are great for spring/summer.

  233. Jenny says:

    These would make CUTE summertime bags – whether lunch bags, tote bags, purses and more!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  234. Samah says:

    The fabric is so fun and they all co-ordinate in a way (at least to me).
    I would make a shopping bag – not a grocery bag. A shopping bag is a bag you would take if you are shopping at the mall, a vintage store, or any other such venue. Last time I went to the mall and got a t shirt they gave me a bag big enough to fit a full wardrobe – no thanks!
    I would also make a matching hat and/or bandanna.

  235. Elizabeth says:

    I love the blues and greens! I would love to make some tote bags out of them. Love that scooter fabric!

  236. Χ“ says:

    it's so lovely.

    i would love to win and use it as a soon to be born baby quilt

  237. catnap says:

    Saw a charming little fabric handbag the other day in a fabric shop. Great fun.

  238. sally says:

    I just love the scooter fabric, especially since we ride vintage scooters. I also love the brightness of your fabric, it is so refreshing.

  239. James says:

    Beautiful fabrics!
    Thanks so for sharing!
    I'd make shopping shoulder bags for our girls!

  240. Nathalie says:

    Well,the first thing that jumps out at me is a messenger-style bag made out of the scooter fabric.
    Lovely-all of them!

  241. Katy says:

    Home textiles. I have to replace all textiles in my home with organic/ecofriendly ones due to extreme allergies. Drapery/pillow, etc.

  242. book_geek says:

    a super cute laptop bag would be fun! i love your fabric, so gorgeous!

  243. KelseyRar says:

    I think the vertical stripe would make a great apron, with the brown circles for contrast! It might even need a couple of bird patch pockets. I love these colors!

  244. Leanne says:

    I've been wanting to make some summer shorts for my son, these would be so cute!

  245. pojeda says:

    I love your fabric! I would make a lap quilt for my granddaughter! This is so her style!

  246. Kristianna says:

    Such beautiful colors and prints. Totes or a lunch bag (stolen idea from the comment above me). πŸ™‚


  247. I love these colours. Thanks for such a generous giveaway – there would be plenty to make a dress for my daughter and a shirt for my son – What fun I would have mixing and matching! – and with organic cotton!

  248. britt says:

    Omigosh! I have to say, I'd make a simple quilt for my friend's soon-to-be firstborn! These are so cute and modern!

  249. Andria says:

    I think these would look great as pillows to liven up my living room!

  250. Jodi says:

    REusable lunch bag/snack bags for birthday gifts for the next year's round of parties! These are gorgeous. Thank you!

  251. Terisa says:

    Make aprons with the chicken prints, possibly with a pocket made out of the beaters. I love those prints – they would be such a fun apron!

  252. thursday says:

    I would love to make something sweet for my little one with these fabrics. I think it's about time she has something made in a hip print like these. And I love that they're organic.

  253. I would love to add these prints to the hawaiian quilt I am creating for my future child. Spectacular!

  254. Ginny says:

    Hairbands! That's what've been making this week. I'll email you a photo.

    Can't wait to get some of the new fabrics!

  255. Hilda says:

    These gorgeous fabrics would make a beautiful fresh quilt – using large pieces to highlight the fabric, a few very large simple appliqued flowers to echo those in the fabric, maybe a border in the scooters…perfect for a picnic throw or on a teenager's bed. I'd use the stripe fabric for binding. Inspiring ! thanks for the opportunity.

  256. LizD says:

    OOOOHHHH! I'd love to make a dress or two-pieces for my daughter. She looks great in aqua!

  257. Quilts are always good. I love them!!! Love the teal colorway!!!

  258. Some sweet little storage baskets–what a lovely collection!

  259. sara says:

    I would love to make a fun, kicky skirt for my niece! What fun fabrics!

  260. Jo Wyrosdick says:

    I would make a dress or skirt for myself or my grandgirls. The fabric is lovely and would make cute outfits.

  261. candice says:

    I am new to quilting & am on the prowl for the perfect fabrics to make a baby quilt for my friends who are expecting their first (very much longed-for) baby in June – all these fabrics would be gorgeous!!!

  262. Jessica says:

    Teal is my daughter's favorite color so I'd make her whatever she wants! Maybe a quilt…

  263. sara.k says:

    so bright and colourful! i like the idea of small bags and pouches, pillows, napkins, wall hangings, and appliques!

    happiest of earth days and thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  264. sandra says:

    I would definitely make a large tote bag with your fabric, it would also make a cute apron there are so many cute patterns out there. I love the aqua and orange together so retro

  265. jenn says:

    That vespa print is sophisticated and cute at the same time! I am gathering fabrics in green, white and blues to re-cover my sofa in a mod patchwork, and these would be super perfect. Crossing my fingers!

  266. Aldana says:

    The fabrics are beautifull!! I would make things from home decor!
    Hugs from Argentina!

  267. atomique47 says:

    I'd love to make clutch purses with your fabrics! So gorgeous! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  268. Erin M. says:

    I'm into wallhangings and patchwork cards. Love the fabric. So generous.

  269. beanie g says:

    Awesome fabrics … I would make a super cool bag to show off to all my friends!

  270. Madeleine says:

    Oh WOW!!! Those print would be perfect to add to the quilts of my twins. Green + aqua + tangerine was the colours I selected!! I LOVE your prints!

  271. Beth Lemon says:

    I would make lots of dresses for my little girl.

  272. Pattie Crum says:

    Super cute, these would make great bags.

  273. LOVE the teal colorway! I'd make some peasant style dresses for my 6 month old – maybe some cute clutches for my older daughters when we shop.

  274. i think your fabrics would look great in a quilt!

  275. Anonymous says:

    Hi, what a wonderful fabric give away you are having. A few years ago I ordered some samples from your company, and then lost the reference, they were new vintage prints and my daughter and I used them for her dollhouse. I think I would make some cushions for my home.
    Thanks, Beth

  276. Rosa says:

    My husband and I sold all of our furniture when we moved from LA to Chicago. We are finally moving in to our new apartment on May 1st. I really want to decorate with as many pieces of repurposed furniture as possible, instead of buying all brand new furniture. This fabric would go towards making something old into something new – maybe a cute footstool or pillow

  277. My kids need new pajama bags!

  278. Melaleucamom says:

    Thanks so much for doing this!

  279. Joy says:

    I would combine the scooter + blue dot prints and make a little girl's jumper. I would combine the rest of the prints into a patchwork pillow. Very cute collection!

  280. Donna says:

    These would make super fantastic baby bibs – great for boy or girl .. love that moped one especially!!

    – donna

    happy earth day

    kindredcrafters (at) gmail (dot) com

  281. Marcia says:

    The teal colorway of 7 prints just screams out to be a quilt or flirty skirt. Teal is my mother's (79 years young) favorite color, and this set of Monaco fabrics would fit our color scheme perfectly. Thank you for this giveaway. mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  282. K80 says:

    I've been waiting for summer to attack some of the projects in the 1-yard-wonders book. I'd love to combine these fabrics to use on some of those projects. (In particular, I'm thinking of a little fabric box to give to my new roommate when we move into our new apartment together!)

  283. kimberj says:

    I would love to take some of those patterned fabrics and design some 50's inspired sheath dresses. I think they would be so much fun!!!!

  284. Tonya says:

    I'd make some clothes for my 2 year old. Sort of patchwork quilt like with bigger pieces.

  285. snow tiger says:

    I think these would make good bibs and aprons. Also, carry and storage bags for toys… they have a playful feel.

  286. Beautiful, cheerful, happy fabrics. The Teal colorway is so fresh! I would make either a baby quilt for my work colleagues (2 are expecting) or a tablerunner or tablecloth for my Food Share table. We use wonderful fresh fruits and veggie to teach people how to cook healthy meals at emergency food pantries.

  287. Sarah says:

    Pajama pants! The waistband would be from the flower print on the top right. I would order some more of the scooter print for the pants and add a 4″ patchwork strip made from the rest of the fabrics to the end of each leg.

  288. ambs77 says:

    These would definitely make a cute baby quilt! Would make a cute dog bed or leash and collar, too. Or fabric covered boxes for a design space. Thanks for the chance to win.

  289. Anne says:

    What adorable fabric! I'd make a cherry baby quilt.

  290. ErikaLuke says:

    My SIL has my nephews room done in the brown and turq and green, the spash of orange is genius! Would love to make a quilt and maybe an outfit – while when he outgrows will go in the cousin hand-me-down rotation!

  291. mab says:

    I want a purse made of the scooter print! And a fun napping blanket from all of them…. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to enter!

  292. Chelsea says:

    the scooter print would be THE cutest travel bag or in-car reusable catch-all.

  293. your prints are amazing! reusable grocery bags and market totes would be great! or maybe lunch bags and picnic place mats πŸ™‚

  294. John says:

    I'd love to work with these prints! I think some stuffies out of this organic fabric would make for wonderful baby shower gifts!

  295. Shannon says:

    Oh my gosh! I am in love with the designs and colorway!!!
    How cute would a girl's bedroom be all done up in these fabrics?

    I need these!!! πŸ™‚

  296. Staci says:

    Wow! What gorgeous colors. Tote bags & table runners, that's what my imagination is seeing with those great prints.

  297. Poppyprint says:

    I love the colourway and your prints are really fresh – congratulations on your dedication to organic! I'm a quilter, so definitely I want to make a quilt to cover my kids in organic material. Thanks for this generous giveaway!

  298. 25reasons says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  299. 25reasons says:

    these fabrics would make up into some gorgeous dresses, little jackets, cute little matching hats for girls.

  300. Simply Mel says:

    Earth Day is like my Christmas!

    I just recieved a sewing machine for my birthday along with the Carefree Clothes for Girls book ~ I cannot wait to dress my little crumb (and for the record, her name is Gaia!) in organic frocks made with love by ME!

  301. ewalker9 says:

    I'm just learning how to so and so far I've only mastered headbands and pillow covers, so I'd have to make one of those.

  302. PurePixie says:

    I would love to make little girl's dresses with the orange and the blue fabrics in the middle and little boy's shirts with the brown and the scooter.

  303. Stitchybritt says:

    I love the blue print with the white dots – would make for very fun tea cozies!

  304. ap269 says:

    Thanks for participating in the giveaway. Nice projects with these fabrics would be: pillow covers, baby clothes, quilts…

  305. M. says:

    Oh my, the scooters…………AMAZING!!
    Thank you for creating beautiful organic fabrics!

  306. my poppet says:

    Id make a quilt, love the teal

  307. Oh my, these fabrics are fantastic. I'd have to feel and stare at them for some time before deciding what to make, but it would be something that I could see all the time.

  308. needlefood says:

    Gorgeous fabrics – I'd love to incorporate them into a quilt.

    Thanks for such a generous giveaway!

    Happy Earth Day πŸ™‚

  309. First I want to tell you how lovely your fabrics are! The colours you used are wonderful! All my ideas are because I have a newborn (1 month old today!) – diaper bag, travel change pad, quilt, applique numbers on bean bags, wet bags for my diaper bag.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  310. Caroline says:

    I would use them to make fabulously cute baby booties or great home decor items, cushion covers, bunting, quilts. Endless possibilities!!

  311. Sarah says:

    I would make some cloth napkins to be used in a picnic basket or in an outdoor dining space!

  312. Wicca says:

    I think I would keep them 'cause they're beautiful

  313. fede says:

    purses!! one can never have enough of them


  314. Terri says:

    Oh, seven prints! That is very generous! I'm doing coordinated reusable shopping bags for family members and friends right now, to make it easy to “go green” – so, this would be a lovely set!

  315. elena says:

    Wonderful giveaway!!
    1/2y from each of the 7 prints is a lot of fabric :D. Wih all this bolt I could make some dresses for my nieces, a lovely quilt, a cute bag or wallet for me (he, he), cute laptop cover,…. a lot of ideas are buzzing my head.
    Thanks for wonderful giveaway πŸ˜€

  316. Brooke Crook says:

    Love these fabrics! I think I would make some cute purses!

  317. Karley says:

    I would make some beautiful eco coffee sleeves with that fabric!!


  318. purduepam says:

    A quilt to highlight the great fabrics

  319. Patsy says:

    Whoa !! My favorite is the stylised bird print. Think I would make a laptop bag. Thanks for great designs.

  320. Xandi Hamilton says:

    Thanks for the give away! Everything looks like a quilt to me!

  321. Marci J says:

    I'd love to make a collection of living room pillows
    june_spirit2628 at hotmail dot com

  322. Katarzyna says:

    I would definitely make a throw quilt!

  323. ann says:

    I'm thinking lampshades with some of these prints- lovely!

  324. Gorgeous fabrics! As soon as I saw them I could see baby quilts, and purses and little baby bunny rattles and cushions and “boo bah” bags as my neice calls them, they are reheatable rice bags, she likes them when she bumps herself! She is only 3!

  325. Your prints are gorgeous! I would make a sun hat for myself to wear at the pool this summer. And hats for my kids too.

  326. Jody says:

    i love it all. i would love to add them to my housewares – line my baskets or create fun totes. beautiful patterns for the changing season. props to you all. cheers.

  327. Sara says:

    The bird silouette could be cool for a bathroom cafe curtain!

  328. Kristin says:

    Bags and pillows! oh my!

  329. Michelle says:

    Ooh. Teal! I could see those fabrics making a cozy lap quilt.

  330. Vanese says:

    Hooray for earth day! and fantastic fabrics. I would make girls skirts. So cute.

  331. Mary says:

    Love that fabrics can be beautiful and have a low environmental impact!

    I see kids' clothes or something playful for adults (PJ pants?)


  332. Missy says:

    Beautiful fabrics! Perfect for bags and pillows.

  333. I would make bags. What wonderful fabric!

  334. kimmiebee says:

    hmmmm, i'd probably use them for several projects in the 'i love patchwork' book or the latest 'stitch' magazine. maybe a growth chart for my little guy and a table runner? other things as well! thanks for the give a way!

  335. sfer says:

    I would love to use them as backing for some animal shaped softies for babies. Elephants, birds, crocodiles, giraffes, bunnies, cats, fishes…
    At least, that's what I would do right now! πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  336. Thank you for this! Pillows are on the top of the list, but a bag for our picnics & napkins, sandwich wraps – that would be great too. And curtains…

  337. Brooke says:

    Oh, how I love the prints! I would make something for my son, maybe some bibs for the little one, and a travel pillow/blanket set for the older one!

  338. Spruce up antique chairs… add a pillow or two.


  339. gizecraft says:

    Happy Earth day!

    Lovely fabrics that gives me so many ideas on what to make…bags/bookmarks/blankets, etc.


  340. silvia says:

    Is not easy to find organic fabric here in Italy … I'm planning to make a mei-tai baby sling and organic fabric is just the right answer! Also backpack-tote bags or some new placemats could be a possible use, these materials are just so beautiful there's no end to what they could become :-). Thanks for the great opportunity!!!

  341. ixy says:

    I would make some fresh & funky patchwork cushions with them. It's a great colourway.

  342. Mama Spark says:

    I would make a quilt, but that's what I love to do anyway, make quilts. I love the prints and teal is my favorite color, esp when it is paired with green!

  343. Mel says:

    My twin brother is having his first baby and your prints would make a fabulous baby quilt – I love the colours. Thanks for the chance!

  344. The scooters would make the world's cutest little boy button up shirt! From Heather Ross's book. I can already picture it.

  345. Liz says:

    Gorgeous! These are just the fabrics to brighten my kitchen – pot holders, curtain valence, table runner, fabric-board wall hanging…

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  346. Brandy says:

    So gorgeous! I wanna win!

    Ok, I so see a funky boy's quilt or a cute Jon-Jon outfit.

  347. Megan says:

    Nursery decor for the little bun in my oven πŸ™‚

  348. Esther says:

    What adorable fabric! I would make some cute zippered bags!

  349. Anna M says:

    I love the colors very spiritual and modern

  350. ikkinlala says:

    I can see them as quilts, aprons, or children's dresses.

  351. jenny says:

    These would work together to make a really cute baby quilt! Very cute- thanks so much for the opportunity!

  352. Christine says:

    My current project is stuffed ottomans… so I'd make a paneled ottoman for my daughter's bedroom!

  353. littldetails says:

    i love, love, love your prints! i'd make appliques for onesies and kitchen towels with them. i hope i win! πŸ™‚


  354. melonkelli says:

    A new spring duvet cover for our bed. That would be lovely!

  355. nattyg says:

    Love them! Messenger bag with the scooter fabric, and a baby quilt with the birds and the rest. or curtains for a baby room with the birds. Nice!

  356. Kim Werker says:

    Your prints are lovely! They'd make great patchwork curtains (I have curtains on the brain). And certainly great kitchen sets — potholders + tea towels + oven mitts.

  357. Marina Satt says:

    I adore to do toys and beautiful summer bags! Your drawings inspire, I would be happy to receive this gift!!

  358. carrie says:

    baby quilts, pot holders, maybe a tiered skirt for my daughter?

  359. Erytanthes says:

    I would love to make some totes using this fabric! They would have a lot of character and style!

  360. kim says:

    Lovely! It's not original, but we need new pillows!

  361. Jesse says:

    They'd all look so cute as little shirts for toddlers – or ruffled skirts for little girls.

  362. Lynne says:

    I'd make a traditional hexagon quilt. It sounds boring I know and old fashioned but those colours and patterns would make it look funky and new as well as having a traditional fee in the pattern. I like a mix of old patterns with really new funky fabrics.

  363. Erica L says:

    I like these. I could use some new throw pillows, and these would go with my decor pretty well. That and tote bags. I can never have enough tote bags…

  364. Melanie says:

    I love your new prints! I'm in the process of re-doing my daughter's room and these would work great for pillows, throws, etc.

  365. Angel says:

    I'd love to recover a kitchen chair or make a bag. Happy Earth Day Every Day!! Great giveaway!

  366. Wendy says:

    Kids clothes, definitely!

  367. Cocoa Dreams says:

    The prints would make such a cute quilt or even a market bag.

  368. StarSpry says:

    What cool prints! I think some binder/book covers and cute little pouches would look great πŸ™‚

  369. Musicseeds says:

    Love your fabrics. I would make a bag or two and use some of it in patchwork.

  370. Jennie says:

    I would make little dresses for my baby girl:)

  371. Birgitte says:

    I am in a bag-making-mood and would love to make a spring bag with your beautiful fabrics!

  372. I would use the organic cotton to sew myself a sling so that I can carry my baby around with me while I cook and work in our garden.

  373. OMG I love the birds. Absolutely love! I'm thinking I'd frame a piece of that… then make some pillows.

  374. kampinga says:

    They're beautiful! We'll be having an allotment BBQ this weekend, so I'm thinking napkins and cloth snackbags, and placemats for when we're back at the breakfast table.. Or a summery picknick blanket..?

  375. VoofaVoofa says:

    As an expectant mother, all I can imagine is children's items – specifically, little reversible pinafores. Oh, how adorable they would be in these gorgeous fabrics.

  376. Oh! These are beautiful! They would make such bright and cheery summer clothes for my two little girls!!

  377. What fun these are! These would be great for pillows, covering a lampshade, journals, so many things.

  378. Tonya says:

    I try to live eco-friendly all 365 days but I love Earth Day! My biggest effort is campaigning against plastic bags and promoting reusable fabric market totes, which is what I would probably make out of the fabric if I win!

  379. sksurfgirl says:

    they are so adorable!
    I make reversible pinafore dresses (so handy for spills) or I could make some art aprons or crayon “holster” aprons for kids.
    They would be super cute!

  380. Daria says:

    Fantastic fabrics! The colour combinations are fabulous!
    I'd like to try them on my home shoes for adults, each with matching book covers and bookmarks – perfect for a peaceful read and a sip of green tea!

  381. debra lynn says:

    Wow, I love them, they are so cool! I'd make some buckets for my little boys room or some reverse applique t-shirts for him–a sun hat, so many ideas come to mind, they are great!

  382. Lorraine says:

    I love these! I would make toys for my little guy–maybe fabric blocks or bean bags.

  383. delliechan says:

    ooh nice colours! I think these would be really lovely as curtains actually πŸ™‚

  384. Lindsay says:

    I would make a summer dress πŸ™‚ such fun fabrics would come in handy.

  385. Your new prints would make a terrific summer quilt –they're so fresh looking! Maybe there would be enough left over for a purse or tote bag, too…

  386. Ariane says:

    Your prints would be great to jazz up some kitchen accessories. Patchwork accents on a kitchen towel, pockets on an apron, potholders, the colours are just so cheerful!

  387. Krista Hershey says:

    I can't wait to make slippers from the book “Weekend Sewing.” Also: bags, bags, bags!

  388. ( give me a minute while I catch my breath) these fabrics are amazing!!!! at first glimpse I knew curtains and pillows for our guest bedroom… but now I am even thinking a quilted throw…. oh, the endless options! (the moped rocks, BTW!)

  389. joolee says:

    oh my, i'd love to make a skirt or two for my daughter, a romper or shorts for my son (esp. with that scooter print!!), maybe even a tie (or three) for him – he loves wearing those to church…and clutches, totes, headbands, wrist cuffs, skirts…all of those are my fave sewing projects and your fabrics would look TERRIFIC on anyone!!

  390. k a t says:

    I might start my first quilt! πŸ™‚

  391. michelle says:

    Book covers for summer reading πŸ™‚

  392. Laura says:

    I'm thinking boxy pouches, purses, use the scraps on cards and bunting (is that the right word? a garland of triangles is what I mean)!

  393. Georgia says:

    These are so gorgeous! I'd love to make some skirts out of some of these- maybe some cushion covers too. And they would be gorgeous in quilts.

  394. marlene says:

    Bags and purses! I'd LOVE to do a few with your fabric. Beautiful! Or maybe a baby blanket and matching burp cloth!

  395. Raven Marie says:

    I would love to make some cushions with the beautiful fabric, simple I know but with a couple of buttons with the thread pulled tight either side of the cushion they look pretty styley in my opinion!

  396. Libby says:

    baby clothes! thanks for the chance!

  397. Hi, my idea for you is a girl's tiered ruffle sundress of the white/blue background dot, stripe, flower blue/green and scooter fabrics, it would be adorable! Oh and a floppy hat to match! Cute fabrics and congrats on your fabric line. Happy earth day to you and your family.

  398. Tracey says:

    I'm on a huge quilting kick right now, so I'm guessing a quilt. Although the brown may end up as a pillow in my newly remodeled bedroom.

  399. Leanne says:

    i love that color palette. i'd use the print family to make a coordinating set of chair covers, mixer cover, apron, and placemats for the kitchen.

  400. Martyso says:

    To me these fabrics say “Fun in the Sun” I would probably go with some sort of outdoor picnic things. Napkins, silverware rolls, water bottle carrier, etc.

  401. Rosalind says:

    so many things to make from such lovely fabrics
    Scooters – kids tote or applique cut out
    Stripes – baby burp cloth
    Brown Spots – fabric bucket for sewing scraps
    top right birds – cover a lamp
    Orange flowers – pear shaped pin cushion
    Top left flowers – portable sewing kit
    blue spots – ipod case

  402. Hananeko says:

    So cute! A quilt would be in order, methinks.

  403. burrito says:

    The stripes fabric would make a great beach bag. And any of them would make a great pannier bag (for a stylish bike).

  404. These are EXACTLY the color scheme I'm using in my new kitchen! Yesterday to celebrate Earth Day, I upcycled an old spice rack I found at a tag sale in these colors… So I would make all sorts of kitcheny-goodness: Curtains, placemats, potholders… Ooh! Maybe a tea cozy!

  405. Drea says:

    Congrats on your first bolts!–they are super cute! I see little scooter boy shorts and a baby quilt all the way! Thank you so much for this giveaway!
    P.S. let me know if you need sample sewing help! I have a little etsy shop ( and would love to offer my services for free!

  406. Hilary says:

    I would love to be able to make an apron for my mom for Mother's Day!

  407. momto2wasd says:

    Boys' shirts, girls' dresses, quilts, tote bags and purses, home decor. I think these prints span a huge range–even a blouse or skirt for myself. Thanks!

  408. Nancy says:

    I would make pillowcovers

  409. Susanna says:

    One can never have enough purses… that's my story and I'm sticking to it πŸ˜‰

  410. kendra says:

    i'd love to make clothes for my boy from the little scooter print. too cute!

  411. Mama Mel says:

    Those gorgeous colors are screaming to be made into a quilt! πŸ™‚ Love it!

  412. happy says:

    cute fabric prints, I fall in love with the vespa print. It would make a fun perfect laptop sleeve.
    Thank You for this great giveaway!

  413. Sarahee7 says:

    They are so pretty, I'd be tempted to frame a bit of it!

  414. Anonymous says:

    I'd make a bag with contrasting fabrics. Or a quilt!
    gafoss [at] juno {dot} com

  415. I would totally make fabric jewellery!
    AND … your new print range happens to feature my favourite colour … turquoisy aqua! Yay! Beautiful work πŸ™‚

  416. Jen says:

    These fabrics are very pretty. I would likely make a quilt with them though I see pouches in the future for that scooter fabric. Normally I make bags but I also like making things for babies (even though I have no kids). I'm leaning towards baby quilts and pouches when I look at these fabrics.

  417. kirsty says:

    Thanks for this giveaway opportunity. I can see your fabrics calling for me to make a skirt from them. Thanks again.

  418. julie says:

    OMG!!!how I love that scooter fabric. I am redecorating my sewing room. How good would it look with those fabrics? Yes!YES! I want to win.

  419. RuthiV says:

    These look fabulous! Well done!
    I am very into totes at the moment so that's my first suggestion. Maybe some cute reversible pants for toddlers as they compliment each other so well. A crib bumper set, laundry bag, cushions, there are almost too many possibilities!

  420. Adrienne says:

    It would be the start to my plan to make 'sound of music' style play clothes for my sweet bebe.

  421. TiLT says:

    oh, so many great ideas…don't think mine will be phenomenally new ideas or anything…but fabric storage baskets, lunch bags/”boxes”, baby sling, cozy lap quilt…those are the 1st things that came to mind.
    Have fun…looking forward to see what you end up making πŸ™‚

  422. Rose says:

    Beautiful fabrics !

    I would make big cushy pillows, tote bags and maybe an apron…

    Great way to celebrate a worthy day !

  423. iggard says:

    I would make a handbag out of the brown fabric (bottom) with the ovals. I'd line it with the fabric next to it (stripes). I could see the rest of them making adorable shirts/skirts for my goddaughter!

  424. Annette says:

    I LOVE these fabrics!!!! I would have a very hard time deciding. I generally make children's clothing, but I think I might have to makes something for myself with these. Maybe a handbag and quilted wallet to match.

  425. These fabulous fabrics would inspire me to make my first-ever quilt, for sure!

  426. Stephanie says:

    Beautiful color and patterns! I can think of so many things to make, a fun clutch for myself, a baby quilt, pillows, fabric-covered journals, a lunch bag, but probably my first project would be fabric storage boxes.

  427. Alisha says:

    Love the new prints!

  428. Melody says:

    I love your prints!! I would make so many things with them…. some things that instantly pop into my mind are a quilt, fabric boxes, a messenger bag, and some smaller pouches.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  429. I love them. I would make a skirt !

  430. Jodie says:

    Love the prints. I'd make some pouches and bags for some travelling we are doing soon.

  431. No idea…would sit and drool at them!

  432. Jason says:

    I would make beautiful books & albums using your textiles. Cheers! Jason

  433. Amy says:

    I would probably make bags with them. Beautiful prints and great colors!!!

  434. I see pillows, lots of pillows. And journal covers, and little skirts for granddaughters…

  435. vivs says:

    i would use these prints to outfit a baby room. blankies, pillows, bibs, quilt, storage bins, pouches…:D

  436. Shawna says:

    Your fabrics are gorgeous!!! I'm thinking either a skirt or fabric basket or new lunch bag. Thanks for the opportunity!

  437. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous said…

    Dear Jenny,

    Your Mother and I made 185 organic napkins from fabric made in India for her Mother Earth banquet. Since then we have reused those same napkins many times at various events. I would love to win your whimsical collection to make organic festive napkins for my son, daughter-in-law and grandson. The patterns go so well with their mid century colors, blue green, orange and brown decor.


  438. Paula L. says:

    I would make bags or totes. The fabrics are gorgeous!
    Thank you for the giveaway!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  439. alix says:

    great children's clothing designs are coming to mind!
    it's gonna be so fun!

  440. Emily Moore says:

    I like the garden apron idea! I'll make aprons for the Little Earth Farm Along the Wall project in Minneapolis. Kids and adults alike will love them.

  441. flutefish says:

    These would be great for a baby quilt!

  442. Happy Earth Day!!

    I love this collection, the colors are beautiful. I love to sew, my sister and I primarily make dolls and toys for children. We would use this fabric for these projects.

    Please check out our blog at

    Thank you for the chance to win and happy sewing!

  443. Bronwyn says:

    Love love love teal!! It's THE colour of the 'tweens' (2010's); quilts quilts quilts all the way!

  444. Alisa says:

    Ideas for sample sewing with your new organic line…

    Sleep sack lined with organic flannel (who doesn't want their baby sleeping in organic?)
    Baby clothes
    Quilt (obviously)
    Child's Spring Coat

    Have fun!
    Pillow Cases

  445. Angela says:

    I would probably make a quilt with them..that's my favorite thing to do with fabric. But I might use them in a swap so that more people can share the love of your beautiful fabrics!

  446. I'd make art for the walls !

  447. Regina says:

    I would love to make my toddler son a camp shirt out of that scooter fabric!!! I would also love to try to make a quilt out of it!

  448. Love the colors!!!!! Thanks for the great giveaway. I'm thinking something fun to dine with.

  449. Pam says:

    These would make cute little totes or wall art.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  450. suesueb says:

    A quilt of course, or a sassy little girls' dress(skirt) with all different fabric ruffles! Maybe a tote using patchwork, or a camera strap? Even little boys' pajamas with some of them. So many ideas, never enough time!! Thanks for the chance!

  451. imafarmgirl says:

    Love the fabrics! I would love to make my daughter who is going off to college some dorm room items or quilt. Teal is her favorite color and I love the scooter print ( I have to have it!)
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  452. Anne H says:

    A quilt would be gorgeous. Or some cute shorts for my son out of the scooter material, and a sweet little skirt for my daughter. Good luck with all your projects!

  453. craftydill says:

    For me, I would definitely use these wonderful fabrics to update vintage chair seat covers! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  454. I like all those for some kind of bedding or bedroom stuff! Except for the scooter print, I like it for a little girl dress or something! I totally see bed sheets, seat covers, pillowcases, etc when looking at those. I love them all!

  455. vikki says:

    Love the colors! Definitely some bibs and perhaps a ruffled baby bloomer or two!

  456. jodi says:

    I love these fabrics!

    I would mix and match to make colorful, fun, healthy for the kitchen, oven mitts!

  457. opakowana says:

    Ooooh definitely a smallish nap (NOT lap!!) quilt – the colours of the fabrics go with the colours in our bedroom. The fabrics are gorgeous!

  458. I would love to see these fabrics in a duvet cover, pillow shams and bedroom accessories. Maybe some smaller projects would work better for your sample sewing – desk accessories, tote bag or messenger bag and pillows.

  459. Katie says:

    These would be perfect for a ruffly apron I want to make for a friend's wedding!

  460. I love these prints! Modern and whimsey! I would use these fabrics to make dresses for the dolls I make with my sister – they would work perfectly. Thanks!

  461. Cristina says:

    A picnic blanket!

  462. Beautiful fabrics! I see some nice new pillows on my couch! Thank you for the giveaway!

  463. Cid says:

    Fantastic Bold Colors. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  464. I'm into English paper piecing these days….with lots of fussy cuts. Thanks for the give away! Happy Earth Day!

  465. keep sewing! says:

    wow beautiful fabric!! I'd make some pillows and a lap quilt!

  466. janetd says:

    these are really great, would love to recover a small ottoman with the brown fabric w/ circles

  467. Grace Wong says:

    wow, these fabrics are lovely, I'd make some cute softies or pillows!

  468. I so need to make a summer skirt with matching headscarf from this collection.
    Also I'm dying to get my hands on your ukulele print. To die for!

  469. VickiB says:

    Perfect for pillows to brighten things up! These fabrics are just too sweet.

  470. Liliana says:

    I think something for spring is definitely in order. Something cute for a little one would make a great project, perhaps a top or dress. The choices are endless. What great prints! Thanks for the chance to win.

  471. Sara says:

    Little happy girls' skirts would be great for these prints.

  472. Jenniffier says:

    I can visualize the strips and circles on some pillows πŸ™‚

  473. edina says:

    Wow – I love these fabrics! They would be perfect for patchwork projects like pillows, quilts, aprons, or totebags. The fabric with the scooter print is adorable!

  474. stance. says:

    oh my goodness those fabrics are awesome. I would use these for some baby projects – maybe some adorable scooters-bloomers! So sweet.

    stacy (dot) wamble (at) gmail (dot) com

  475. Betsy says:

    I love a table runner as a simple project that can really highlight and show off beautiful fabrics! Any of your fabrics would look great as a runner! Thanks for the giveaway!

  476. Holly says:

    Lovely colours. I think that I might have to use them to make a bag for myself to use at our market this summer.

  477. my first impression – would be to make Bermuda shorts – wouldn't those rock??!!! But I don't normally sew apparel! hmmm…I think I might have to learn and do!!!

    Thanks! Kerry

  478. Beautiful beautiful fabric!! If I were pregnant I'd love to redo a nursery with these fun fabrics! Quilt, pillows, curtains, the works!

  479. Amy says:

    Oh- these prints are just screaming for me to make something for the boy! PJ's and a matching pillow case maybe????

  480. Elizabeth says:

    Your prints are awesome! I am in need of some reusable picnic items – sandwich bags, snack bags, napkins. I think these would be fabulous in your teal prints!

  481. Roberta says:

    These fabrics are so cool for the summer…I'd love to make a lounge tote for the pool by layering a beach towel with one of these and adding handles to carry my towel/tote πŸ˜€ Also would love to make a bathing suit bag by lining these fabrics with vinyl on the inside to hold wet bathing suits….or shoes in my travel bags. And finally, how about some cosmetic bags to go inside a clear vinyl tote…very stylin'…Hope this helps and would so love to win πŸ˜€ Happy Earth Day!

  482. Amy says:

    My daughter made the cutest fabric makeup brush holder recently and she'd like to make more of them for gifts. I'd like to have one for myself. πŸ™‚

  483. Beth says:

    These prints are great. I would love to use these in my home decor!

  484. I would make a quilt for a wedding gift

  485. h camille says:

    I love these prints. They would look great in a modern quilt pattern

  486. The Burtons says:

    I love your prints! These would absolutely go into a quilt that I am planning for my baby boy (who, at 18 mos, is not such a baby any more!).

  487. Meghan says:

    That scooter print is just begging to be the lining of a cute bag β€” maybe a messenger bag that could be worn while on said scooter?

  488. April says:

    I would make a lap quilt out of the lovely fabrics.

  489. Wendy D. P. says:

    Oooh these are so cute! I would make several purses (totes) and perhaps a set of napkins!

  490. Gigi says:

    oh so lovely!!! that scooter print is adorable!
    would be so cute on a diaper bag!


  491. Susan says:

    I think they'd make great floppy hats for summertime at the beach. OH — or “bubble dresses” — is that what they're called!? Dresses for little girls!

  492. Surely, these would look great as pillows in my family room!

  493. I would make a bag! A girl can never have too many bags!!! πŸ™‚


  494. karen says:

    What lovely fabric – I would make a quilt with the fabric.

  495. Anali says:

    Love these colors! I'd make pillow covers and a scarf. Thanks for the chance to win! ; )

  496. Jiaying says:

    Lap quilts and pillows! Love the scooters.

  497. bleuvanille says:

    That would make a gorgeous modern quilt. And an apron with the birds print. Thanks for the chance to win, love your designs.

  498. Emma says:

    I am so in need of fabrics for laptop cases for the boys… not so easy to find than for girls!!!

  499. I would make something simple that I could see every day…I'm thinking embellished hand towels for my bathroom or an awesome teapot cozy (or maybe even a cover for my sewing machine!). I also need a new camera strap cover and these would be perfect!

  500. Borsheka says:

    I hope it's not too late yet… Love your fabrics, they're so happy : ) I usually use these kind of fabrics for bookbinding and making dolls : ) And it would be so great to try it! Thanks for the chance!

  501. jodesmac says:

    ahhh these colours are divine.
    i will be making bunting with these fabrics.
    they are really refreshing

  502. qltmom9 says:

    Ooo…log cabin quilts for my daughter.
    Lovely fabrics.~
    Thank you for the chance.

  503. Andy says:

    They seem so fresh and spring-y… I'm thinking maybe a picnic blanket/quilt!

  504. Oh the possibilities!!! I would love to make something for myself…hmmmm.

  505. these would make awesome market bags to take shopping

  506. my girl is looking for a yummy apron! she will love these prints.

  507. SheilaC says:

    Those fabrics are gorgeous and would make a beautiful quilt! Or sofa pillows!


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