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lying low


It has been such a busy time around here lately! I’ve been wanting to change up the scenery here on the blog and add some new posts, but I haven’t even had time to think straight, let alone whip up any remotely interesting projects. In addition to the the usual work business, I’m trying to finish up two new collections, and Anabelle has decided that she needs a little more attention than I’ve been giving her so far. Plus, I’ve been taking a great e-course on blogging, called Blogging Your Way taught by Holly Becker (of Decor8) and Leslie Shewring (of A Creative Mint).

image by Leslie Shewring and Holly Becker from Blogging Your Way

I will be posting over the next couple weeks, but it might be a little more seldom than usual. I’m hoping to put some of the tricks I’m learning into practice soon, though, so may be experimenting a bit. More soon!

What a weekend! I’m getting a slow start on Tuesday, after a really beautiful Labor Day weekend of art, friends, wine country and the beach. Life has felt so serious and structured lately with new baby and new business and trying to get our new(ish) house into shape, that 3 days of being social and recharging felt just amazing. It was kind of by accident – we had a long list of things we were going to try to get done – but we were so ready for a break that when a few invitations came our way we decided to change our plans. It turned out to be a pleasant reminder of just how important some down-time can be. After all, it’s all about balance, right?

I’m still kicking myself for not bringing my camera out to Oakland’s Art Murmur on Friday night, where we took in some galleries, saw some amazing street art (including a dance troupe that performed sideways, 50 feet in the air on the side of a building and a band that was amplified by two guys pedaling a glowing stationary bicycle – no lie!), and had a great dinner at Mua. Saturday we did have to get some work done (that balance thing, again) and spent a scintillating Saturday night making apple pies with apples donated from our neighbors tree (those apples had to be used!).

Then on Sunday, we took off to visit friends in Sonoma, and looped back by Stinson Beach on Monday for a perfect Labor Day (and Bella’s first beach trip). Now I’m back in the studio, trying to harness some of the weekend’s inspirations and carry a little bit of the beach into my work week. I hope you all had a chance to fit in some relaxing time, or an adventure or two. If not, there’s always next weekend!

first toes in the ocean

sunset over summer

Finally, 2 weeks after I’d planned, I got a chance to fiddle around with Anabelle’s dress pattern and sew up a new one. Unfortunately, it only managed to underline the fact that I have a much better handle on fabric design than pattern design (or sewing, for that matter!) and I should really just stick to what I know. I did resolve the main issue – the armholes – by finishing with bias tape, and I reduced the volume a bit, but it still isn’t a great pattern. Plus, it really needs some matching bloomers! If anyone is interested, I’ll make a pdf of the pattern and give a little tutorial of my method (such as it is), but you may want to add your own modifications.

In other news, the studio has been super busy this past week! I’m finishing up two new collections and will be sending them off for printing soon. Hopefully I’ll have strike-offs to show before too long! Also, I signed up for Holly Becker’s (of Decor8 blog fabulousness), Blogging Your Way class, so hopefully will be spiffing things up around the blog here soon.

Have a great long weekend!