Blog Archive for November, 2010

Thank you for all the lovely comments on the new collections! I’m really excited about them, and after a little last-minute scramble to get the colors just right, I am now settling into the waiting phase until the strike-offs arrive. I’ve got all kinds of ideas for things I want to make with them when they get here, and
March is starting to seem like a long way off…

Speaking of making things, I got an email from Mary Walker, aka Sewing Geek, last week with photos of the gorgeous quilt that she made with the Monaco collection. It’s so pretty, and it has inspired me to get going on the quilt that I’ve been planning for Anabelle for 6 months now. I thought I’d share the photos with you. Enjoy!

The few weeks before the great road trip (mentioned in my last post) were busy ones here in the monaluna studio. I’ve been learning the ropes of balancing the daily work of running this little business with caring for the baby and allowing time for the more intense, creative whirlwinds that accompany the birth of new collections. This time, I was lucky enough to have my mom visiting for a month, and that allowed me to take a little more time to pull together and finalize my next two collections, which I’ll share with you today. Now that I’ve passed off the baton and they’re well underway, I’m looking forward to getting back to the steady work of daily life – and to posting on the blog more regularly!

The two new collections are printed on 100% organic cotton, and are a medium-weight poplin weave. They are expected in the shop in early spring 2011. I hope you enjoy them!

I am finally back in the office this week after a great adventure road tripping halfway across America. Almost 3 weeks ago, my mom, Anabelle and I packed ourselves into my mom’s Prius and drove across the western states to Minneapolis, where my mom lives. It turned out to be quite an experience! I’ve never seen most of the country we drove through, and it was absolutely stunning. Also, we managed to hit the road just as the first of the wintery storms were rolling across the West, so we had dramatic rain in Nevada, hail in Idaho, blizzards and an earthquake (yes, an earthquake – can you believe??) in Wyoming, and frighteningly high winds in Minnesota. We did arrive safely, though, and had a great visit. The flight home was not nearly as dramatic, but by that time I was happy not to get back in the car. The countryside was so beautiful that I found myself dreaming of prints inspired by the landscapes of the West. Maybe a new collection!

And speaking of new collections, check back on Thursday, when I’ll be sharing some sneak peeks of my two upcoming collections, Marin and Anika.

Here are a few photos of the beautiful land between here and there.




South Dakota

Anabelle in her crocodile costume, Halloween in Minneapolis