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Okay, seriously, is this not the funniest stuffed chicken you’ve ever seen? She was adopted into our family on Sunday after she was spotted in a little shop on Fillmore in SF. A certain member of our family became obsessed, and just had to have her. Yes, that member was me, and not the child, but Anabelle does emit a screech of glee every time she sees her. Anyone want to weigh in with name suggestions? Incidentally, she is made by Jellycat. I love their soft toys, but this is one of the best I’ve seen (along with Cordy Roy Gator, Bella’s other fave).



It’s a foggy morning here, and I’m in the studio pulling together inspirations for a new collection. I always love this part – gathering ideas and images, and pulling them together into a cohesive theme. It’s just the beginning, and there are so many different paths to take, but the whole picture comes together piece by piece.

I noticed this web strung up on the tree in our front yard, catching the fog. It reminds me exactly of this process – starting small and central, and building out, larger and looser as you go. I wasn’t planning on any spider imagery this time around, but it’s a nice analogy. I hope you all enjoy the weekend!

I didn’t get to too many of the jobs on my to-do list last weekend. Instead, I had an amazing visit with a childhood friend who was in town over the weekend. We got greek food and hung out in the sunshine on our back deck, catching up and talking. It was a little reminder that sometimes you have to let go of the chores and enjoy your friends. It definitely put some happy in my weekend!

It’s been a busy week in the studio, and I am really looking forward to what is supposed to be a sunny weekend! We have roses to prune, citrus trees to feed, baby-proofing (yes, Anabelle is on the MOVE), and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get a little sewing in. Dave took this photo in the studio this week, and it pretty much sums up the past few days: I’ve been using all my tools. I hope you all have a good weekend!

Our little photo shoot last weekend prompted me to tackle a project I’d been wanting to do for a while now. I found a small wooden frame at an antique store, and I’ve been wanting to turn it into the chalkboard sign for Bella’s toy box in this photo:

I figured it would be cute now, and she could actually play with it later. Coincidentally, as I was clearing off my workspace I happened to flip through an old copy of Martha Stewart Living and saw this little project:

Martha Stewart Living

Cute jars painted with chalkboard paint! And I just happened to have a bunch of baby food jars just waiting to be used for… something! In no time, my newly tidied workspace looked like this:

And this:

Did I really need chalk labels on my new storage containers? Probably not. But I do think my office supplies look much cuter now.

I’ve gotten lots of good news in the form of FedEx packages over the last two days. Yesterday, I got a package with the strike-offs for the new collections, Anika and Marin – yay! They look really good, though I’ve been assured the line quality and registration will be improved in final production (the strike-offs are always hand-screened). I’m so excited to see the final run!

Then this morning, a limited number of bolts of the teal scooters from Monaco were delivered, to fulfill back orders and tide me over until the full re-order arrives in about a month. Finally! So for those of you waiting on the scooters, I’ll send them your way asap.

So, Dave and I decided that we should do some promotional photos for Monaluna over the weekend. It was supposed to be sunny for once, and I’ve been needing a few nice shots of the teal Monaco collection. I figured I had just enough time on Saturday to whip up that simple baby quilt that I’ve been wanting to sew for months, and maybe a couple other items, tidy things up a bit, and then we’d take some photos with Anabelle and the quilt on Sunday. Well.

Saturday went mostly as planned, except that “tidying things up a bit” led to a major overhaul of my studio storage, and before I knew it I had dragged everything out of the closet and was sorting through boxes of sewing and art supplies, reorganizing scraps by color and painting baby food jars with chalkboard paint to hold safety pins (more on that later). I didn’t end up starting the quilt until late, and was up til the wee hours finishing it up.

Sunday morning I was a little bleary, but we got up and started setting up for our little shoot. Anabelle was hanging out on the new quilt, ready for her close up in her orange pants and white merino wool sweater, which coordinated perfectly with the fabrics. Dave had just gotten the camera set up and I was arranging the nursery bedding when there was an uncomfortable cry from the baby. A quick check revealed there had been a major, er, explosion, which required a complete wardrobe redo, as well as a bath, and some emergency quilt cleaning. Yeah, I learned that using babies as cute props is unpredictable at best. While Dave was changing the baby and I was cleaning the quilt, the cat decided she needed to be at the center of all this commotion, so when we finally got back to take our photo, we had to unseat Sadie from her spot nestled in the crib among the baby blankets. She was not happy. We did finally manage to get a couple photos, and I will never again underestimate the labor involved in all of those blissful happy baby photos.

I’ve been meaning to post about my new pincushion for a while now. It was made by Cindy over at Live A Colorful Life, and she sells others like it on her etsy shop here. It seems like such a small thing, but it makes me smile every time I use it, and it coordinates so nicely with my scissors! Also, I love it that she uses the selvedges, which usually just get thrown away. Such a nice way to make beautiful use of scraps! It’s one of the bright spots of my sewing table. Thanks, Cindy!


New year, new shoes! I couldn’t resist sharing a photo of my babe’s first pair of sneaks with you. How cute are these shoes?? Maybe it’s nostalgia – I had a pair, or several, of these when I was wee – but there’s something about the classic red Keds that gets me every time. I tried to order a pair for myself, but they seem to be out of my size. For now, I’m patiently waiting for them to restock…