Okay, seriously, is this not the funniest stuffed chicken you’ve ever seen? She was adopted into our family on Sunday after she was spotted in a little shop on Fillmore in SF. A certain member of our family became obsessed, and just had to have her. Yes, that member was me, and not the child, but Anabelle does emit a screech of glee every time she sees her. Anyone want to weigh in with name suggestions? Incidentally, she is made by Jellycat. I love their soft toys, but this is one of the best I’ve seen (along with Cordy Roy Gator, Bella’s other fave).

4 Responses to “adopt a chicken”

  1. ange_moore says:

    She looks like she's missing Gonzo (from The Muppet Show). His “girls” always had lovely feminine names so maybe something like that? Or you could call her Chuckles the Chookie!

  2. Emma Thomsen says:

    I have to say he looks like a Kevin or Colin, definitely a 70s boys name. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Stitchbird says:

    Gorgeous – how about Cacciatore. She looks a little Italian.

  4. monaluna says:

    Ha! I love these! Ange – you're right, she does look like one of Gonzo's “girls”. I like Colin, but I do think of her as a “she”… and Cacciatore is hilarious!

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