I’ve gotten lots of good news in the form of FedEx packages over the last two days. Yesterday, I got a package with the strike-offs for the new collections, Anika and Marin – yay! They look really good, though I’ve been assured the line quality and registration will be improved in final production (the strike-offs are always hand-screened). I’m so excited to see the final run!

Then this morning, a limited number of bolts of the teal scooters from Monaco were delivered, to fulfill back orders and tide me over until the full re-order arrives in about a month. Finally! So for those of you waiting on the scooters, I’ll send them your way asap.

6 Responses to “strikeoffs and scooters!”

  1. Off The Peg says:

    I love those little foxes!

  2. Eco fabrics says:

    These are just beautiful. I love the colours and designs.You are very talented. Congratulations and all the best with this range.:)

  3. Ooh! I am SO excited for these new designs! And because we have a few little scraggly foxes who cross our yard every day in this 'hood, I'm going to HAVE to make some accessories for our home in those fox patterns. Woohoo!

  4. Andreas says:

    Wow. So beautiful!

  5. They're wonderful! I've completely fallen in love with the foxes – would you mind if I used the second photo (with credit to you) in a blog post?

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