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Does anyone remember these chairs from my posts way back here and here? So long ago! Almost 2 years ago we started working on them at our old apartment…

But then we moved and life go really busy!
Well, I decided they would be the perfect chairs to use in our booth at Quilt Market, so a few weeks ago we dusted them off, repainted (somehow during the move they got left out in the rain, and were a little worse for the wear), and used the Entwined print from the new Marin collection to cover the cushions. They turned out so cute! I really love them. And the print works perfectly in our living room. The fabric isn’t upholstery weight, but I backed them with a craft weight interfacing, and it really worked well. I’ll let you know how they hold up!

Anabelle’s first birthday was on Wednesday, and though we had just gotten home from Quilt Market, I wanted to do something to celebrate the milestone. My mom and Dave’s parents were all visiting, so we made a nice dinner and I decided to make vanilla cupcakes instead of birthday cake, so she could have her own little cake. With the exception of a bite of key lime pie and a couple tastes of ice cream, this was her first real sugar, and definitely her first cake.

I found the cake recipe online here. I used the cupcake version and varied the icing slightly, using sour cream and a little brandy instead of milk and vanilla. They were delicious – this is that clean, sugar-cookie white cake recipe that I’ve been looking for for years!

Unfortunately, although Anabelle loved the presentation, she was not down with the cake. She ended up with a healthy portion of buttercream on her face and in her hair, and the rest of the cupcake was soundly rejected. Ah, well – maybe next year.

We had the nicest booth neighbors at Quilt Market this year! So nice that it was a constant temptation to wander across the aisle and chat when things got slow, and more than once I realized I had customers looking around my empty booth. Across from us was another husband-and-wife team, Chris and Heidi from Noble Notions, who design and sell various tools for quilting and sewing, like finger tip grips and quilt clamps. Right next door was the very popular Mon Amie Jewelry, and kitty-corner from us was the fabulous Hemma Design. Kathy McGee, Hemma’s owner and designer, was a co-worker of mine when we both worked as designers for Target in Minneapolis. It was great to see her again, and her Scandinavian-influenced patterns are just adorable! The booth was bright and cheerful – as you can see in the photo, below – and very busy. I’m excited to get my hands on some of those patterns myself!

Kathy, left, and Mary of Hemma Design

new website!


Okay, so it’s already a week old, but we were in Salt Lake City by the time it launched, and I didn’t get a chance to mention it here. SOOOO… if you haven’t already seen it, check it out: It still needs a few tweaks, but I’m really happy with the way it works. I think it’ll be easier to order, and it’s much easier for me to keep it up to date and add in new products. Yay!

home again!


We finally made it home from quilt market last night, after a long but beautiful drive from Salt Lake City. The landscape between here and there is breathtaking, and I’m so glad I got to see it, despite the fact that I ended up with driving duty through a snowstorm that hit us as we passed through the Tahoe area. Who knew it would be snowing in May?? Well, it sure was!

Quilt market was a blast, and I loved getting to put faces with names and meet many of the customers and contacts that I’ve only known electronically before now. I got to meet some of my favorite fabric designers, and I discovered a bunch of new ones to admire as well. It felt a little like a 3-day cocktail party, and by the end my head was spinning from all the new faces and names, but I’m already looking forward to the Houston show this fall.

Here are a few photos of the booth, and as you can see, the little 10×10 space goes through a dramatic transformation during set-up. I didn’t think to take a photo before we started setting it up, so I’ve shown an “after”, just before we left. By that time, I was more than ready to just sit in a car for 12 hours!



I don’t think my house has ever been this messy, but things are finally coming together over here! I had every intention of posting regularly as little parts of the booth came together, but it’s taken every moment to do all the sewing and painting and building and ordering necessary. I’ll post lots of photos of the booth and the show later in the week. Wish me luck, and if you’re going to the show, stop by and see me at booth 2840!