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A couple years ago when some good friends of ours had their first baby, I made them a simple patchwork quilt. The mama is a fabulous photographer, and she took beautiful photos of the babe on the quilt each month, to document her growth. Well, they just had a second daughter about a month ago, and I’m finally getting around to making a companion quilt for the new daughter.

I decided I wanted 6″ squares, so I started out with 56 7×7″ squares, enough to make a 42×48″ quilt, or 8 strips of 7 6″ squares, allowing for a 1/2″ seam.

I haven’t tried quilting since Anabelle’s been able to crawl, and I learned it’s now much harder! I eventually got the squares laid out in the pattern I wanted them, but between the cat and the baby, it took some doing.

Once I had the arrangement figured out, I sewed the squares together one strip at a time, from left to right.

Then I sewed each strip together, taking care to match the squares up at the corner, until the whole top was pieced.

I used the pillowcase method to join the layers, which is the easiest and most forgiving way I know to do it. To do this, you lay the batting on your work surface, lay the quilt backing face-up on top of the batting, and then lay the quilt top face-down on top of the backing. I then secure all three layers with safety pins, and sew around the edge, leaving a 12-18″ gap at the bottom for turning. Once the edges have been stitched, I trim off the excess down to 1/4″, and clip the corners.

After turning the quilt through the gap, I iron all edges and hand-stitch the opening closed. Then, for this quilt, I used embroidery floss to tie knots at each corner, rather than quilting.

And finally, it’s done! Now I just need to get it in the mail…

Wow – Monaluna’s gotten a lot of nice blog press this week! First, Kim from True Up did a really nice write up on Monaluna at quilt market. Kristen Lejnieks of Unraveled took photos of the fabric and the booth, and they came out beautifully! Thanks, Kristen and Kim!

Then yesterday I stumbled upon a gorgeous post by Melanie from A Sewing Journal (and formerly of Modern Organic Fabrics one of the great early resources for organic prints). You can see the piece here. Again, the images are so nicely put together. In fact, I just love the look of her whole blog – the font, the images, the header – all so clean and lovely. Thanks for the post, Melanie!

The new collections have only been here for two weeks, and I’m already starting to see the cutest creations made with the new prints! Jennie at Yellow Plum Blossoms makes adorable items of all kinds, and I saw these on her etsy shop this week:

baby bibs from Yellow Plum Blossoms
burp clothes from Yellow Plum Blossoms

Then Maranda Lee, who did the fabulous summer hat below, sent me this number, currently for sale on her etsy shop:

summer skirt by Maranda Lee, photo by ZoMak Photography

So much fun to see!

I hope you all have a good Friday, and enjoy the weekend!

I took a much-needed break from my fabric bolts this weekend and we finally put in our summer garden! Normally, it would be really late, but the weather has been so cold and rainy here that our timing worked out okay. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a “before” photo of the garden with chard, lettuce, beets, onions and cabbage, but we harvested all that, and have had some yummy salads with enough left over to give to neighbors.

Since we started so late, we actually had several plants that my mom likes to call “volunteers”, probably started from the seeds of last year’s fallen fruit, or in the case of a particularly healthy squash, maybe a squirrel’s buried treasure. We had about 15 little tomatoes, and I salvaged the bigger ones – some with tomatoes already started! I’m not sure what kind they are yet, but I’ll find out soon enough.

“volunteer” squash
“voluteer” tomato

After harvesting the spring produce, we dug out the dirt and worked some sand into the bottom of the beds where the soil is straight clay. Then we added in lots of organic compost and some fresh dirt along with the soil we had dug out. I think these are going to be some very happy plants!

Finally, we planted. Tomatoes, basil, eggplants, zucchini, squash, peppers and cucumber. For the cucumber we needed a trellis, so we converted one of the pallets my fabric arrived on. I think it’s going to work really well!

Other parts of the yard are coming along, too, and hopefully I’ll be able to show some “after” shots to match up to these “befores” soon.

I got an email yesterday from Maranda Lee of Hot Mama Handbags, with this picture of the adorable hat she made for her son! She used the Ukeleles from Circa 60 Beach Mod, which I designed for Birch Fabrics. So cute! Both the boy and the hat. I hope you all have a great weekend, and keep the sun off your noses!

Okay, I realize I’m coming close to overdoing it with the baby photos here, but it is my blog, so…
I just had to share the new summer hat that I (Anabelle) got in the mail the other day! The lovely Swedish designer Sonja of Noodles for Kids stopped by the studio recently and bought some fabric. A couple of days later, I received this adorable hat in the mail, made from the Monaco birds and lined with the scooters. Thanks, Sonja!

At long last, that post I was promising! The fabric did in fact come in last Wednesday, and Dave and I spent several long hours that evening hauling and unpacking and organizing. Here we are, taking a break with the last few boxes:

Once it was all unpacked and organized, I started packing orders and shipping like a madwoman. It’s so cool to see all the bolts lined up and ready to go, and I find myself wondering what they will end up being. For her part, our daughter Anabelle has decided that all these bolts of fabric make ideal hide-and-seek props, and she’s been keeping herself busy with that all week.

Here are some photos of the new prints:

Marin: peony, wobbly and peacock feathers
Marin: soar, tulips, entwined and poppies
Anika: swedish forest, foxes and henouses
Anika: hens, blossoms and polka

Although stock is very low, I still have a few yards left of the pink scooters, birds and flowerbed. I took them off the website, as quantities are so limited, but if anyone would like some of these prints just send me an email!

In other news, I’m expecting the new collections this afternoon, and I’m so excited I can hardly sit still! If they do get here, I’ll post about them tomorrow.