At long last, that post I was promising! The fabric did in fact come in last Wednesday, and Dave and I spent several long hours that evening hauling and unpacking and organizing. Here we are, taking a break with the last few boxes:

Once it was all unpacked and organized, I started packing orders and shipping like a madwoman. It’s so cool to see all the bolts lined up and ready to go, and I find myself wondering what they will end up being. For her part, our daughter Anabelle has decided that all these bolts of fabric make ideal hide-and-seek props, and she’s been keeping herself busy with that all week.

Here are some photos of the new prints:

Marin: peony, wobbly and peacock feathers
Marin: soar, tulips, entwined and poppies
Anika: swedish forest, foxes and henouses
Anika: hens, blossoms and polka

6 Responses to “new collections in the shop!”

  1. Kristy says:

    Beautiful!!! And what a little cutie hiding in there! 😉

  2. Drawstring says:

    I got ours today!!!!

  3. Can't wait to get mine when customs have finished with it!!

  4. Emma Thomsen says:

    Lovely, you must be delighted! I will definitely be Blogging about them!

  5. I am agog with love for these prints. I simply cannot wait to get some! HOORAY!

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