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Finally, after what seems like an unusually long wait, our tomatoes are turning red (and brown and gold and pink)! They got fruit pretty early this year, but they’ve just been sitting there all green and hard for months while I dreamed of caprese salads to be. Now, all at once, we have loads of gorgeous tomatoes ripening. Since it’s pretty much tomato season everywhere, here are my 5 favorite things to do with them.

1) Caprese salad
(I add a little balsamic)

2) Tomato bread salad

3) Nonni’s tomato sauce

4) Ratatouille

5) Sliced, with sea salt

I stumbled upon a couple of great clothing designers using Monaluna prints, and I though I’d share them with you today.

Generations in Style makes clothing and accessories for kids, including this little number using Foxy and Wobbly

… and this dress, which uses no Monaluna prints but is so cute I can hardly stand it:

Larry from Beaks of Eagles sent me some great photos of his funky and cool Post-Mod Collection, which uses Monaluna Mingle on some very hip dresses. Beaks of Eagles is based in Monterey and calls itself “fashion from the jagged coast”, which I love as it’s a perfect description of that lovely area. Here are some photos, and you can see more here.

Have a great weekend!

My dad and his wife have been visiting us for a couple of weeks now, and on Saturday we celebrated his 80th birthday. He’s a bit of a foodie, and loves Bay Area cuisine, so in honor of his birthday – and also as a nod to Chez Panisse’s 40 years of inspiration – Dave and I decided to create a dinner using as much as possible from our garden. Not every single ingredient came from our yard – we didn’t raise the chickens or the sardines, to name a couple – but the ones that didn’t came from our local farmers’ market or, in the case of the chickens, Whole Foods.

It turned out to be a wonderful dinner, and a great experiment! Four courses for fourteen people, I’ve discovered, is a bit of an undertaking even without trying to time the ripening of fruits and veggies, but it was amazing to realize how much we could create from our garden and the fruit trees growing in the yard. Here’s the menu:

And some photos of the preparations:

peach pit kernels, used to infuse white peach jam
making white peach jam
finished jams
making lemon verbena ice cream
a visitor helped himself through the open kitchen door to observe ice cream prep
preserved lemons for the gremolata served with sardines
slicing apples for pie
dad’s favorite dessert
garden vegetables for the ratatouille
we have sungold tomatoes coming out of ear ears…
making ratatouille
getting ready to set the table
guest of honor
strawberry, cucumber and nasturtium salad
white peach, heirloom tomato and basil salad
setting the table

grapes from our yard
“bella fresher”
lemon verbena martini (fresh pears from our tree in the background)

sardines and prosciutto-wrapped figs, waiting for the grill

I recently saw the products made by two of my customers up on, and they are absolutely adorable! Canadian-based Organic Quilt Company makes the sweetest items, many of which use a soft and natural-colored organic cotton interlock for the base and Monaluna fabric for the trim. Here’s a sampling of what she has in her shop (though there’s tons of other stuff to choose from!):

essential organic baby blankets
organic anika newborn bibs
organic baby bib and hat set
organic cotton knotty hat
organic baby blanket and burp cloth set

Fellow Minneapolitan Lisa of PixieSpit makes gorgeous quilts and a number of other cool items, like yoga mat bags, eye pillows and kitchen accessories. She just sent me pictures of the yoga straps she made using Anika and Marin, and I thought they were such a great idea! Check them out:

yoga strap in peony
yoga strap in geo dot