Teresa over at Green Bag Lady has had this wonderful idea of making fabric shopping bags and giving them away to people who agree to refuse paper bags and use fabric instead. Since 2008 they’ve given away 19,984 bags! Right now she’s having a giveaway of some great shopping totes she made from Monaluna fabrics, as well as some fat quarter stacks. Hop over for a chance at the giveaway!

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  1. happy zombie says:

    I just want to say hi again – I met you at market (you probably don't remember, I was telling you how we lived in the Moanalua neighborhood of Honolulu blahblahblah, or you do remember me and thought 'what a nut job')… anyhoo… later on at the Birch booth when I said how I loved their NorCal feel in their prints, yadayadayada that I was from Walnut Creek blahblahblah – they told me you were from Walnut Creek! I planned on going back to your booth to do the secret WC handshake, but never got back. Rambling, just wanted to say hello from a fellow Walnut Creeker! And of course, that I seriously crush on your fabrics!!

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