Blog Archive for July, 2012

Since the Fox Hollow shipment still hasn’t arrived (fingers crossed for Monday!), I’ve been keeping myself very busy here designing two new collections and making a lot of things with plums. I’ve been stuck in that part of my creative process where things are starting to come together, but not quite working yet, and I always find it frustrating and a bit nerve-wracking, so its been nice to have a completely different creative outlet to turn my attention to here and there. I find myself feeling a little guilty for not putting every bit of time into the collections (I’m actually really late at this point), but sometimes it helps to take a break, and I’ve really enjoyed celebrating the bounty of our garden. Here are some photos from the last week in plum-land:

plum clafouti
plum infused vodkas
plum pie
plum sorbet
spiced plums

Both the plum sorbet and the spiced plums were made from recipes in the absolutely beautiful book Plum Gorgeous by Romney Steele. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants some inspiration for backyard produce!