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baby shower idea: a community quilt

7 months ago, a month before Anabelle was born, a couple of dear friends threw a little baby shower for me. I have never been big on baby shower games, but I took advantage of having a gathering of friends (and semi-willing participants) to do something I’ve always wanted to try: make a community quilt. Most of the people there were not seasoned sewists, so we took a no-sew approach and used Steam-a-seam to affix the appliques to sewing blocks, like little fabric collages. I was amazed at all the great squares we ended up with! Now, FINALLY, I’m going to add a bit of top stitching and piece them together to make a quilt for Bella. Here are a few of the squares I’m working with, and I’ll post photos of the final quilt when it’s done.

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