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fun with chalkboard paint


Our little photo shoot last weekend prompted me to tackle a project I’d been wanting to do for a while now. I found a small wooden frame at an antique store, and I’ve been wanting to turn it into the chalkboard sign for Bella’s toy box in this photo:

I figured it would be cute now, and she could actually play with it later. Coincidentally, as I was clearing off my workspace I happened to flip through an old copy of Martha Stewart Living and saw this little project:

Martha Stewart Living

Cute jars painted with chalkboard paint! And I just happened to have a bunch of baby food jars just waiting to be used for… something! In no time, my newly tidied workspace looked like this:

And this:

Did I really need chalk labels on my new storage containers? Probably not. But I do think my office supplies look much cuter now.




  • Amy

    very cute, and yes you did indeed need lables.

  • Little C and Little J

    I should really look through my old Martha magainze, huh? What a good idea. Totally unnecessary but that isn't the point is it?

  • Eco fabrics

    That looks fantastic, did you paint it straight onto the glass or onto some type of tape and then stuck it on the jars? I would really like to do this for my little ones playroom. I love the chalkboard look. 🙂

  • pioneervalleygirl

    So cute! I've had similar but larger jars on my list for dry goods in my kitchen

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