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waiting in the wings


I have been absolutely itching to get started on a little project using these fabrics. It’s a patchwork alphabet wall hanging that I want to make for over anabelle’s dresser, and I’ve been thinking about it for months. I decided I would definitely get it made for her birthday, and now I just need to begin… but somehow business, taxes and life keep getting in the way. Ditto for the Marin quilt that I swore (swore!) I’d have finished by March. It looks like I need to carve out some serious sewing time!

On an exciting note, I got the bulk samples of Fox Hollow, and they look great! Now they just need to get packed and shipped. Ah, the waiting…




  • jill/marny

    Jennifer, Really looking forward to seeing your patchwork alphabet! And why is it that the tax thing only wants to make us sew more? jill

    • monaluna

      Hi Jill and Marny! It's so true – something about a calculator makes me want to bury my head in fabric scraps. 🙂

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