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sorting buttons

Last week, Dave and I reorganized our kitchen spices and housed them in those spiffy stainless steel magnetic jars, now living happily on the side of our refrigerator. More counter space – yay! Just as I was preparing to put the old spice jars in the giveaway box, it occurred to me that they would be a great way to organize and store my buttons. Until now, my button storage has consisted of a big mason jar that I dump out on the table and comb through when I need a button. That worked well… until I had a button-obsessed toddler who sees it as her job to abscond with as many buttons as she can grab. I took a little time today (nicely timed during said toddler’s nap) to sort my stash and organize them by color and type – red/pinks, blue/greens, turtles, browns, metal, glass, and so on. Now they’re a little easier to find, and if I have to pour them out on the table it’s just a subsection, and not the whole spectrum. Much better!

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