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Introducing the New Monaluna Studio and Shop!



Monaluna Shop Outside

It’s been a couple weeks since we officially opened, and I’ve finally had a chance to catch my breath – and share some photos! It feels like this has been SUCH a long time coming, but when I really take stock of how much we’ve done over the past 6 months or so, I can see where the time has gone. It’s been so worth it, though! I am loving being in this space, having more room, being able to display all the fabrics and quilts, and really see the prints working together. I’m also enjoying being able to meet some of my customers and be a part of the community here. And it’s been pretty amazing to see the space come together and really take shape. Our customers seem to love it, too! Here’s a little summary of 6 months of work:

Before and After

As you can see, it’s a big change! And each step of the way we *got* to learn a new skill…

carpet un-laying

…Carpet un-laying…


…demolition (you should see the slo-mo video we got!)…

Monacan shop ceiling in progress

…ceiling painting (I really loved that mini-scaffolding – thanks for the loan, Jim!)…

Tile restoration

…tile restoration…

Building the Cutting Table

…furniture building…


… and all about paint guns!

Once the hard labor was done, we got to really have fun with the details and make it a space that feels good to us. So many aspects of the shop have stories behind them, and it’s been a lot of fun to seek out special pieces and put together the displays.

shelves 2

We used the boards from our old fence to panel our room divider and the bathroom wall. A friend of ours, who happened to live in our house 20 years before we bought it, stopped into the shop right after we opened, and we laughed when we realized that he had actually been the one who built the fence 30 years ago.


fabric shelves

Our new friend Warren custom-built the fabric shelves, because I was having a lot of trouble finding shelves that would accommodate 3 tiers of fabric.

reclaimed shelves b

The long shelves in the front of the shop were made from a Modesto Ash tree that had to be cut down near our local library. They’re beautiful and strong, and I love seeing them in the shop every day.

monaluna jewelry display

Our jewelry display was bought from a nice woman we met on craigslist, and the display boxes were from an old hardware store. We painted them white on the inside to show off the jewelry.

monaluna organic fabric bundles

Our electrician, Paul, brought us 3 wooden spools from a job site, and once we painted them up they’ve become our favorite shop displays!

shop inside

Monaluna shop front

And then we’ve found lots of beautiful wooden and metal details that bring the warmth of well-used natural materials.

juicy organic fat quarters

We’re loving the space. If you’re in the area, stop by and see us!






  • Monique

    Oh, I just love how it all looks! Congratulations and I wish you much fun in your new space!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you, Monique!

  • Josh

    So, so proud of you guys!! This is just amazing!! Congratulations!!!!!!! xoxoxox

  • Linda Keefe

    Jennifer and Dave you did a beautiful job with this little gem!
    I think the fabrics are stunning in the simple beauty of the space.
    I hope I get to see it in person sometime.
    Maybe I’ll make Dylan take me along next time he does the West Coast thing 🙂
    Congratulations and best of luck with your new studio and shop.

    • Jennifer Moore

      Thank you, Linda! It would be so, so good to see you if you and Dylan can get to the Bay Area. It would be pretty nice to see him, too. 🙂 And congratulations on your growing family!!

  • Terry

    WOW? Looks great – many years of success to you hoo rah???

  • Amy

    Hi, all! It looks so wonderful. We can’t wait to see it in person. What a sweet space.

  • Kay

    This is such a family affair and you both have the talent to produce the beautiful fabric and all the interior and exterior work that was needed to make the space livable. It is charming and you can see that the people you had working with you were very helpful in creating your special displays. I hope to visit the shop on our next California visit. Bella pictured in the window and also modeling the designs is sooooooo cute also.

    • Jennifer Moore

      Thanks so much, Kay! It would be fun to have you visit – you know your sewing room was a great inspiration to me growing up!

      • Jennifer Moore

        Also, I didn’t post any pictures of Anabelle at work, to avoid a child labor citation, but she did help a lot! 🙂

  • A Barb & U Bruce


    WOW what a great looking store/boutique. LOVE< LOVE what you have done to this property. It has been transformed into your successful business away from home. Now you can have an active office & business at the same address. May you be blessed with continued success. Love to all.

    Aunt Barb & Uncle Bruce

    • Jennifer

      Thanks, Aunt Barb and Uncle Bruce! I hope you can come visit us soon! xo

  • Theresa

    Congratulations, the shop looks wonderful. I wish you much success!

    White Leaf Organics

  • Sonja

    WOW – looks fantastic! wish you all the best with your new place!
    lots of greetings from across the atlantic 🙂
    On my next trip to the US i will definitely stop by!

    • Jennifer Moore

      Sonja, I would love to have you come visit! Please let me know if you can ever make it to the Bay Area. I have so appreciated your support over the years!

  • Chrissi

    Hello from Ohio,
    Looks awesome!
    The openeness and detail are at the same time restful and inspiring!
    Enjoy this season of your lives!!
    Chrissi, Our Legacy

    • Jennifer Moore

      Thank you, Chrissi! We are enjoying it. Will you be at Market? It would be great to see you!

      • Chrissi

        Not this year. We love that we know you in person. We appreciate your talent and hard work.

  • cheryl oz

    The studio shop space is absolutely GORGEOUS just like your fabric designs! All of the wood displays/flooring and counter look amazing.

  • Bridget Kelly

    Congratulations Jennifer! What a beautiful labor of love. I can’t wait to visit your store… Where is it!?

    • Jennifer Moore

      Hi Bridget – thanks so much! It’s in Walnut Creek on Mt. Diablo Blvd. – come visit! 🙂

  • Pamina Rich

    Hello Jennifer and Dave,
    Congratulations to you both – from Australia – on your wonderful achievement!
    It is all so beautiful. It glows with passion and care.
    A real inspiration to see how a creative dream can be realised.
    A truly inspiring place.
    Best wishes for a long and successful business.

  • jeanette miguelucci

    Congratulations You 2!!! You are beyond amazing and we can’t wait to see it in person!!! Fabulous job. Now to market–huh? I really don’t know how you both do all this!!! Passion is a wonderful thing. Hope to see you in the near future! Hugs and Kisses, Aunt Jenny

  • Simone

    Wow! This looks AMAZING!! I am coming to visit :).

    • Jennifer Moore

      Thank you, Simone! I hope you and Britt can make it!

  • Kristin

    What an incredible space! Congratulations on the amazing achievement!

  • Jan

    Gorgeous beyond words!! Well done! So many sweet and thoughtful details that really create a welcoming space. Congratulations Jennifer!

    • Jennifer Moore

      Thank you so much, Jan! I miss you! Would be wonderful to catch up soon.

  • Tali Weller

    Oh, I’m in LOVE! Everylittlething exudes your fine artistry, Jennifer. It’s all so inspiring and thoroughly charming! Congratulations; just impeccably done! (Which is no surprise coming through your magic eyes and hands!) It’s all so stunning and thrilling, and I can’t wait to make it out to SF to enjoy it in person! <3

    • Jennifer Moore

      Thank you, beautiful Tali! I miss you so much – would be overjoyed to see you out this way!!

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