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More Anya: All-new organic cotton knits!

Anya Organic Cotton Knits by Monaluna

We have brand-new organic cotton knits coming next month! We’re printing 8 designs from the Anya poplin collection on a wonderful new knit base cloth. It’s super soft, stretchy, and 58 inches wide! I’ve been so impressed with the samples that I’m dying to get my hands on the final fabric to whip up some new clothes for the cozy-weather months here.

The collection strikes a nice balance between playful, kid-friendly prints and some more sophisticated designs that are perfect for adult garments. The knits are all interlock, 200 grams/sq. meter, and really wonderful to work with.

We should have the fabrics in toward the end of next month. You can pop over to our website to see the full range or to place a pre-order for the collection!

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