Happy Earth Day, everybody! While we here at Monaluna like to think that every day is Earth Day, we thought we’d honor the occasion by giving away a bundle of our organic, earth-friendly fabric. Just leave a comment in our comments section to enter to win a fat quarter bundle of the springy organic fabrics pictured here!

organic cotton fat quarters


And just to brighten your Friday, I’d like to introduce you to the newest members of the Monaluna family, Buttercup, Elsie and Louise!

Baby Chick Triptych

They arrived a couple of weeks ago, and have already grown lots, filling my days with the sound of chirping and peeping. They’re cute but noisy companions.

248 Responses to “Happy Earth Day! Organic Fabric Giveaway and Friday Cuteness”

  1. Laura Odenthal says:

    I love your “girls”. My co-worker “girls” are named after the tv show, The Golden Girls! Your organic cottons are so very lovely! Keep up the good work!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Love the chicks! Haiku is my favorite collection ever (especially for pillowcases) and I’m looking forward to Wanderlust.

  3. Linda F. says:

    Love the beautiful fabrics and your chicks!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Kimberly says:

    I love the bundle you guys rock with this one now to hope and wish I could win never been so happy to sew and see what comes of this beautiful bundle of fabric again great job and the little chicks r a happy catch

  5. Linda says:

    Oh, yeah! I could make something beautiful with those! Love those colors!

  6. Jennie Giles says:

    Love the variety you chose for the give away. Cute little chicks. Buttercup is so sweet.

  7. Linda H. says:

    We have lots of baby chicks too! I love your fabrics – and nothing feels like organic cotton!! My grandaughter can always tell the difference!

  8. Julie says:

    Love, love your wonderful, quality fabrics. The chics are an added bonus!

  9. Jennifer says:

    I would love to win this giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! And I can’t wait to own a home and raise chickens. My kids love Little House on the Prairie and would be over the moon to milk cows and collect eggs 🙂

  10. Maryanne Wilson says:

    I see a warm cozy nap time and a snug as a bug in bed time in the future of these

    Colorful cottons!!! I sooo love your colors and fabrics!! Thanks the raffle!!!

  11. Shirley C says:

    What cute chicks! And I love the organic fabric! ?

  12. Marypat Bowen says:

    I think Monaluna fabric is the happiest way to say happy birthday Earth, darling! Thank you for being so generous, xox

  13. Terry says:

    Beautiful fabric bundle and your little chicks are just so cute!!!

  14. Meredith says:

    Beautiful fabrics and cute chicks! Both make for a happy Friday!

  15. Tammy B says:

    Love those baby chicks. One of these days we will be able to have them around too =D
    Love the fabric colors too =D

  16. Ashley says:

    Happy Earth Day! What cute little chicks! Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  17. Veronika says:

    Love these fabrics and love those chicks!!

  18. DebraKay Neiman says:

    I love the spring fabrics. The chicks are so cute, especially the little black chick. crystalbluern at tds dot net

  19. Ms Sam Nicholson says:

    Love your new additions!! Elsie is so cute!!

  20. Justine Burke says:

    Love these prints! They are so beautiful. Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity to get more fabric!!

  21. sarah z says:

    What beautiful, happy colors for spring! Love Louise’s coloring. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Summer says:

    The chickens are so cute! My mom was a science teacher and one year she incubated eggs and they hatched into baby chicks! They were so fun to cuddle. A lot of the kids in my mom’s class lived in the country and were able to take them home and keep them as pets, which made for a happy ending for all!

    • Thanks, Summer! I bet your mom’s students were thrilled! I’d love to try hatching them from eggs sometime. We’re not allowed to have roosters here, so it’s all legs and no chicks.

  23. The colors in the bundle are very springlike!

  24. Mandy Martin says:

    I would love to win some organic earth friendly fabric please! I’d make a quilt to celebrate the birth of my daughter when she arrives.

  25. Rani says:

    The colors are so yummy I want to eat them! And your chicks are adorable.

  26. Addie K says:

    Such fun prints in beautiful colors! Thanks for the giveaway.

  27. KathyS says:

    Love, love, love your organic fabrics, your beautiful shop, and the chicks! What a delightful way to celebrate Earth Day!

  28. Shelby says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve been itching to get back behind my machine since we moved. Some beautiful new fabric may be the push I need to get the craft room set up!

  29. Erin says:

    Love the fabric and your little girls!!!

  30. BRIDGET SOELL says:

    Happy Earth Day! Love all of your fabric collections! Hope I win this lovely little bundle!

  31. Danielle B. says:

    I just love the freshness and the crispness of the bold summery colors in this Haiku collection. These fabrics would be especially nice for all the little girly things that I get to sew for my girls.

  32. Alison Kelly says:

    I would love some fabric to make some fun stuff just for me vs. my customers, whom I love dearly. But I’d love to just play with some of your beautiful fabrics. Love the new girls, too!!!

  33. Jennifer S says:

    I love your fabric variety and your store’s customer service!

  34. Jennifer S says:

    I love your fabric variety and Monaluna’s customer service!

  35. Pamela says:

    I just love your fabrics. Each new line is prettier than the last.

  36. Sandy K says:

    I love the cheerful fabrics. Cute chicks, too bad they don’t stay small for long.

  37. Vicki H says:

    Lovely fabrics, will make a nice bright wall hanging or table runner.

  38. Gloria Martin says:

    Lovely fabrics! Must have them for my stash. And feel free to throw in a chick or two. They are so sweet! ❤️

  39. Martina says:

    Oh, those girls are adorable! My two little girls (two legs apiece as well but no feathers 😉 ) Just adore them. They also would adore clothes made or embellished with those lovely fabrics!
    I just finished a dress for my two-year-old with a monaluna knit, abd am planning t-shirts. I live the prints you have, and it is a good to know those beautiful fabrics are organic as well!

  40. Lesley Griffel says:

    Those fabrics are so inspiring!

  41. Katy M says:

    I don’t know which I love more – the fabric or the chicks!

  42. Lisa C. says:

    I would love to win! I want some chickens SO much!!!

  43. Peggy says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. And Happy Earth Day!

  44. LINDA says:


  45. The little chicks are so cute. Wish I could raise some chickens. The fabric is gorgeous, and would love to win one of the giveaways. Thank you for letting me enter.

  46. Susan says:

    I love Monaluna fabrics! Sometimes I don’t want to cut them, because I like them so much and just want to hang them around the house so everyone can see them 😉
    Thanks for the giveaway idea!

  47. Rachel Bayne says:

    Monaluna is my favorite by far!

  48. amorette says:

    Such a lovely bunch there- the chicks and the fabrics!

  49. Mary richards says:

    Love. The new chicks, Mary

  50. Pam says:

    Your new babies are delightful! And so is the fabric. I’m imagining summer placemats. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  51. Nancy Schwickrath says:

    Love the fabric! (and the chicks!) Thanks for the chance to win.

  52. Carol Hydeman says:

    I love your fabrics. The quality is outstanding. Your “girls” are noisy because a “hen party” is ALWAYS noisy. Thank you for bringing such wonderful fabrics to the market and thank you for the chance to win a bundle of organic goodness.

  53. Jackie says:

    Love earth day. Plant a tree. Play in some dirt
    Thank you for the giveaway

  54. Cecilia says:

    Cute chicks! My granddaughters would love to play with them. Cute fabric bundle, too!

  55. JOM says:

    My hens would love to mother those chicks and I
    would love to have the fabric

  56. carolyn montgomery says:

    love the fabrics, my co-worker is a jack russell terrier affectionately know as “crazy maxx”. thanks for the giveaway.

  57. Monica D-K says:

    Stopped by yesterday, for buttons! Fabulous finish! Love the chicks—my chickens are called Peaches, Cream and Silvia here in Walnut Creek —
    Happiest Earth Day you’all!

  58. Deb says:

    Adorable chicks!! Love the fabric, so cheery and colorful!

  59. Jessica w. says:

    Love that gray chick!

    Would also love to win the fabric giveaway! Could make some cute clothes for my new baby Eloise, due in 6 weeks!

  60. Allison says:

    Awesome little chicks! So cute! and the fabric is nice too!

  61. Lorrie Gray says:

    Would love to win your fabric – just got a new summer tunic pattern! Thank you, ?

  62. Jen Beatty says:

    I love how each new addition is a different color! Thanks for hosting a great earth day giveaway!

  63. Amy Caldwell says:

    HaPpY EaRtH DaY Monaluna!!!! Love your new babies!!! I miss mine being that lil’. Would love to create something beautiful with your fresh natural fabrics here in the Blue Ridge Mtns of Virginia!! Thanks

  64. Janna says:

    Great fabrics and cute chicks!

  65. Linda says:

    Love all of your fabrics! I’m having such fun sewing for my daughter with them!

  66. anna Brown says:

    Very cool my grandson has a hen that was a chick called peep peep..

  67. Jennifer says:

    The fabric is lovely and the chicks adorable. Happy Earth Day!
    (Thank you for the chance)

  68. Karen Quinn says:

    Love the chicks!

  69. Amy says:

    Your peeps are awesome! Thanks for the chance to win this bundle!

  70. Sue says:

    Love those baby chicks and your names for them…good thing they aren’t all the same color, you could mix them up
    Beautiful fabrics for this give away too. Thanks

  71. Nancy Miller says:

    Yeah!! Thanks for the opportunity! Fabric is awesome!!

  72. Grace says:

    I love the fabrics AND the chicks! Happy earth day.

  73. Cathy Brady says:

    Love the fabric hope I win

  74. Joanne Larson says:

    Adorable chicks! The organic bundle is a beautiful combination. Thank you for the giveaway.

  75. Trisch Price says:

    Cute chicks!! I love your fabric, so excited to see the new line.
    Happy Earth Day!

  76. Terry says:

    One of each color chick – you are so lucky! They are adorable and I love the fabric too – thanks, Terruy

  77. Bianka says:

    I love your fabrics. There is not much more to say. I like the colors, the patterns, simply everything.

  78. Lynn Poulin says:

    Pretty spring fabrics-would love to win this bundle!

  79. Roxanne says:

    Love your organic cotton fabric! Beautiful colors and designs!
    Sweet baby chicks! Happy Earth Day!

  80. Shirley says:

    Sweet chicks to complement your charming fabric. Than you for the opertunity to enjoy both.

  81. Sonja says:

    What a wonderful way to welcome Spring – beautiful fabrics and super cute chicks! Thank you so much for sharing both!!

  82. Cyndy Knapp says:

    Beautiful fabrics! Chicks are pretty cute,too!

  83. Lorraine Kleeman says:

    My granddaughter looks so very cute in a dress I made her out of your gorgeous fabrics. Love organic fabrics especially for my little grandchildren.

  84. Diane Beavers says:

    Happy Earth Day and thank you for sustaining the “green world”
    My favorite is Dandelion in Knit…would love a summer dress w/high bodice for me in that print.

  85. Sarah C says:

    Love your “Peeps” great giveaway happy earth day everyone

  86. Abby says:

    Love the bundle and the chicks are just too cute.

  87. Brie says:

    What a beautiful springy bundle!

  88. Lori Morton says:

    Looove the bundle of springy fabrics!! Thank you for chance to win them! 😀

    Your newest companions are so sweet! My Daughter in NC, has 6 chickens..she calls them “The Ladies”…lol They give her yummy eggs! 🙂

  89. Martha says:

    just beautiful fabrics!!!the tones, the designs…would create very special pieces!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  90. Christine says:

    I just love your fabrics and the bundle for the giveaway is awesome! The chicks are adorable too!

  91. Brandy says:

    Yeah for the Earth Day Bundle Giveaway!! I love the new line and would love for it to be mine. Your little chicks are so cute. Nothing says spring like the little peeps of chicks?

  92. Brenda says:

    What a lovely bundle! Thank you for the opportunity, I have so many ideas on my head right now for these fabrics.

  93. Caroline says:

    I love these fabrics and am looking forward to your new double gauze line!

  94. Deb says:

    The chicks are darling. I can almost hear them. I had five friends here yesterday. Conversation included the closing of a local fabric store. I mentioned you as an excellent source for organic fabric.

  95. Amanda Austin says:

    It’s so nice to have organic cotton fabric available. Much better for the environment compared with conventionally grown cotton. And these fabrics are lovely.

  96. Jodie says:

    Love these fabrics! And adorable chicks!

  97. Nicole says:

    I love your prints and the quality and feel of your fabrics.

  98. Marilyn Hunt says:

    Love your creative, high quality fabrics, and the chicks are adorable!

  99. Kris says:

    Cute babies! Lovin’ me some fabric! Can see some chicks in its future!

  100. Jody Rigle says:

    I love your lil chicks!!! I was begging my hubby for some after seeing them at a store in Lancaster last weekend. It did not work, but I was able to take a video of them with my phone. Maybe one day. The fabrics are so bright and cheery. I would love to make a quilt with them.

  101. Susan Seal says:

    Gorgeous fabrics! Thank you! Love the chicks! Two of ours are named Thelma and Louise 😉

  102. Carol S. says:

    What beautiful fabric! I’ m thinking about the possibilities! Thank you for the chance to win.

  103. Marci says:

    Love the new books in the store too. I bought some Wheatgrass fabric to make a top from the “Sweet dress book” I just picked up the other day in your store.

    • Thanks for stopping by the store, Marci! I’d love to see the top when you’re done! I’ve made a few garments from those books, and I love them. Not too hard once you get the hang of picking out the correct pattern pieces from the layout. :p

  104. Susan says:

    Love your fresh and fruity collection. Beautiful as always:)

  105. Danuta Richards says:

    I have purchased Monoluna’s cotton and cotton knit fabric and love the quality and the beautiful colors and patterns. Better yet, the service and concern that my order was perfect was top shelf. I look forward to my next order. The chicks are adorable as well. Danuta

  106. LadyD says:

    Here’s to the cute “girls” at the bottom of your post, and to the lovely fabric. Would love to win the bundle.

  107. Laurie says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Happy Earth Day!

  108. Linda says:

    The chicks are adorable! I have loved your fabrica for quite sometime!

  109. Barb says:

    The fabric bundle is so pretty and the chicks are so cute!

  110. Sheryle Augustine says:

    Thanks for the contest. I love your pick of fabrics – bright, sunny and springy. Plus the chicks are adorable.

  111. suzannelloyd says:

    Beautiful colors, would love to create something with it…
    love the chicks…

  112. Ruth L says:

    Baby chicks are so adorable – great names too! Love your selection of Spring fabrics!

  113. Martha P Smith says:

    What a beautiful bunch of fat quarters! Here’s hoping!

  114. stephanie costello says:

    would love some earth day fabric. feeling a tee shirt coming along.

  115. Judith Martinez says:

    What a great giveaway! Those are super cute chicks.

  116. Janiece Prieur says:

    Monaluna has some of the most beautiful fabrics. And the fabric is so soft. Plus I love that the cotton is organic. Wonderful

  117. Sadie says:

    Happy Earth Day! Is there any better way to celebrate than with fabric and chickens? (Maybe fabric with a chicken print?)

  118. Dawn Voegeli says:

    Lovely fabric bundle and cutest photos!

  119. Betsy P says:

    So cute (the chicks are too). Beautiful and vibrant fabrics.

  120. Crystal P says:

    I love all your fabrics! I could look at them all day. We’ve been tossing around the idea of getting some chickens. It’s good to see others are doing it.

  121. Becky N. says:

    These fabrics are so fun! Makes me want to make a reusable lunch bag or something fun like this!

  122. Paula says:

    I love your fabrics and I love that your are celebrating Earth Day!

  123. Molly Smith says:

    My 7mo old daughter says she needs that Apple print for a new spring top! Happy Earth Day!

  124. Katie Ganoe says:

    Adorable chicks. Beautiful fabric!

  125. Jean says:

    Lovely little chicks and gorgeous fabric! Just love using monaluna.

  126. Jonquil says:

    Elsie looks like a Silkie. What is Louise? What a lovely selection of fabrics ?

  127. Doris McCarty says:

    I remember baby chicks from my childhood. I loved it when my mom let me hold them. How cute! Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

  128. Karen Addleman says:

    Your little chicks are so cute. The fabric you’re giving away is pretty cute too.

  129. Kate B. says:

    Such sweet little chicks. Happy Earth Day!

  130. Erin McSweeney says:

    oh what a beautiful earth day bundle, thanks for the giveaway

  131. Sarah J says:

    Oh those little ones are so cute! It is amazing how much sound can come out of such a little ball of fluff though. Lovely bundle- so cheerful!

  132. Wendy Hatton says:

    I’d love some cute little companions at my place. Beautiful colours and patterns.

  133. Karen says:

    Such cute chicks and fabric too.

  134. Megan says:

    Aw love the chicks! Spring is here, even in the AK 😉

  135. Donna says:

    What adorable little chicks! I’m crazy about your gorgeous organic fabric!

  136. Emily says:

    Super pretty fabric collection and the fluffy feet on the chick is adorable!

  137. Kate Olson says:

    Happy Spring! The baby chicks are adorable, and so are your fabrics!

  138. Kris Valle says:

    I love your fabrics so much! Your noisy chirppers are adorable!!

  139. Linda Nelson says:

    Elsie is the cutest!

  140. Laura says:

    What a pretty set of fabrics. I’m glad we now have the option of organically grown cotton fabrics.

  141. Jenn H says:

    oh my gosh! your new gals are adorable! and that’s perfect springy fabric! 🙂

  142. Amy says:

    Baby chicks are a sure sign of Spring to me!

  143. Navarre says:

    loving your latest collections. nice giveaway! super cute chicks. happy earth day!

  144. Debbie Chenoweth says:

    Love your fabrics. The chicks are adorable.

  145. Jennifer Essad says:

    thank you so much for sharing with your followers on this Earth Day. The fabrics are gorgeous and the “Chicks” adorable

  146. Natalie F says:

    Beautiful fabric. The chics are cute too. I remember all of the chics we had growing up. Peepers, Cheepers, Keepers, and weepers. Ha!

  147. Becky says:

    Awww…your companions are so cute! I love Elsie’s little feathery feet. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  148. sher says:

    cheery colors!

  149. Peggy Gibbs says:

    Would love to win this beautiful fabric for my charity sewing. Thanks!

  150. Nancy says:

    Precious babies! Love, love the fabric!!

  151. Susan says:

    Don’t know what’s cuter, the chicks or the fabric!

  152. amy says:

    Cute chicks! and lovely fabric prints-so fun for Spring sewing!

  153. Laura Grabow says:

    Thank you fo the Earth Day giveaway. I am a big fan of Monaluna.

  154. Nicole Sender says:

    Love your springy organic fabrics! Your chicks are so sweet!

  155. Janice King says:

    Love your beautiful fabric and especially enjoy seeing your little chicks! Takes me back to growing up on the farm. My mother loved “different” chickens and we had a great variety to enjoy. Miss those days…..and my Mom… thanks for the good memories and I’d really love to win that nice fabric

  156. Chellie Tetlock says:

    Happy Earth Day to you too! Your chicks are absolutely adorable as well as the fabric of yours that you are so kindly giving away. Good luck everyone.

  157. Kay Coffin says:

    I love your new fabric. I’m going to be teaching some women to sew and that sure would help out!

  158. Chris says:

    I love the bright cheery fabrics and the chicks. I hear peep, peep.

  159. Vivian Oaks says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to win those beautiful fabrics! Gorgeous!!

  160. Jillian L Anderson says:

    I just recently found your blog and signed up for the newsletter. So far, I’ve loved everthing! Thanks!

  161. Colleen says:

    Thank you for your lovely fabrics and the chance to win them

  162. Lynn Santelli says:

    Happy Earth Day! I have always loved your organic fabric, I really want to purchase some of the fabric from Anya collection the blues are so vibrant! I purchased fabric from the urban collection the fabric is called traffic and the pattern for the surfer shirt, I am making it for my Grandson. Your little chicks are so adorable!, Thank you for the giveaway and your beautiful fabric!!

  163. Vaia Apostolidou says:

    Oh my! What beautiful photos!!! Are they ‘sisters’? They do come in lovely colours! 🙂
    Anyway, I love your work! I couldn’t even decide on a favorite collection… You are such an inspiration for me… Thank you for that and for the giveaway!

    • Thank you so much, Vaia! The “girls” are not technically sisters – they’re all different breeds – but they’re thick as thieves now, and peep like crazy if they get separated. It’s really cute, and also distracting. 🙂

  164. Alesha Klein says:

    Generous giveaway, thank you! The collection is beautiful.

  165. Hannah Kelly says:

    Gorgeous fabrics 🙂 I’m sure I could come up with some ideas to use these 🙂

  166. Mali Engedal says:

    I love your fabric and the nordic colors

  167. Delaine says:

    This is a beautiful bundle of fabric! And those chicks are adorable! Thanks!

  168. Birte Naumann says:

    Happy Earth Day! I love sewing baby quilts to welcome a new earth-dweller and there is just nothing more suitable for that purpose then your organic cotton.

    Thank you for the giveaway and your beautiful fabrics. Keep up the good work!

  169. Sharron says:

    I’ve never used your fabric. Everyone seems to love it and the colors are beautiful. I will have to try some soon. Love the chicks.

  170. Kathie Montague says:

    The beautiful organic fabric brought a smile to my face, then I saw Buttercup, Elsie and Louise. So adorable.

  171. Emily C says:

    Love the little chicks. They are so cute.

  172. Molly says:

    The colours and designs are fantastic.

  173. Chris says:

    Organic fabrics are a great way to help save the Earth. All the little chicks are adorable.

  174. Michele says:

    LOVE your fabrics! And happy belated Earth Day to you and your chicks too! x

  175. Pamela says:

    Beautiful cheery fabric!

  176. Pamela Tinkle says:

    Love the bundle and the chicks! We have a Bantum (Banty) that just hatched several eggs. They are only about 2 weeks old and I love taking them bread…they work so hard but enjoy it so much!

  177. Elisabeth Perkins says:

    I love your organic fabrics!! They are so pretty! I made a Organic Sleeping Bag with 2 of the fabrics from your free range collection!

  178. Janie says:

    Thank you for the introduction of the chicks, too sweet. Lovely fabric combination thank you for the giveaway.

  179. asteride says:

    Beautiful fabrics! And love to see your chicks…

  180. Linda Pawlak says:

    Thank you so much for this WONDERFUL giveaway! We really appreciate your generosity!

  181. Alexis says:

    Beautiful photos!

  182. Gretchen says:

    I love using organic fabrics in my quilts. Thanks for making such wonderful fabric and designs.

  183. Marissa C. says:

    Ack! Those chicks are TOO CUTE!!!

  184. Claire Ross says:

    What a gorgeous bundle. Love the colours x

  185. Quilting Tangent says:

    Pretty fabric and chicks.

  186. Raelynn says:

    My husband and I watched a great documentary last night called “The True Cost”. It takes a look behind the scenes at the exploitation of both humans and pur environment in the making of traditional clothing. Powerful film and worth watching!!! It reaffirmed for me the reason I have turned to companies like you to support organic fabrics. We have an ethical responsibility to do so. Thanks for leading the way in providing quality product that I know has not been harmful in the making!!!

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Raelynn! I saw that film in Oakland several months ago, and I agree – very powerful and important. It was also really great to see so many people there, hearing the message and getting excited about slow fashion. It’s time! 🙂

  187. Priyanka says:

    Your chicks are lovely.. My nephew loved buttercup 🙂 n I love organic fabrics so thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  188. Tina says:

    How wonderful! I love them. Thank you for the chance to win. Have a great Earth Day!!

  189. Sabrina says:

    Happy Earth Day!
    So thankful for this planet and the beautiful people who care enough to buy organic fabric for their creations. Thank you, Monaluna, for supplying such loveliness.

  190. Debbie says:

    Love your baby chicks and of course, the fabric too!

  191. Gill says:

    Great fabrics and cute chicks!
    I hope this is open to internationals????

  192. Lexy says:

    I purchased the Pebbles fabric a couple years ago to make heat pads filled with millet for Christmas gifts. The fabric is wonderful quality and everybody loved the pattern. Every time I visit your website, I envision projects for all the different patterns!

  193. Those fabrics are cute but the chicks are cuter! Thanks and God bless!

  194. Serina Brown says:

    Your little Elsie chick is soooo sweet! This is an AH-MAZING variety of colors!! Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  195. Greta says:

    Congrats on the new additions!

  196. Debby says:

    The chicks are soooo cute. And the fabric is lovely!

  197. NancyB from Many LA says:

    Love the fabric, and love the chicks (I bought 20 a few weeks ago!)

  198. Kathy says:

    The fabrics are just beautiful

  199. Beth T. says:

    Isn’t it astonishing how noisy those little girls can be? They really do make a joyful noise, though. I love your choice of names. I had a dear friend named Elsie, so I’m especially partial to that name. Elsie was also the name of my great-great-grandmother, but I’ll forever think of my sweet friend, with her good heart and her endearing giggle. She was 50 years old than I, but I could not have had a dearer friend or better neighbor.

  200. Rebecca H says:

    Love your new chicks and your awesome fabrics. thanks for the chance to win some

  201. Rhonda Desgranges says:

    What cute chicks! Love the fabric, too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  202. Pat jones says:

    I love this collection. So bright and spring!!

  203. Chiska says:

    What delightful fabric and darling chick’s! We had some snow flurries last night so it’s nice to see spring somewhere! (Although to be fair snow dusting is just part of spring where I live)

  204. Jessica says:

    I have not yet tried out any Monaluna fabrics, but I love the bright, happy prints.

  205. wendy T says:

    Thanks for the great give-away! I love your fabrics and colors, and feel lucky to be within driving distance of your store. The chicks look so sweet…what appropriate names.

  206. Juneau Embry says:

    Such a fitting celebration of Earth Day with beautiful spring fabrics and baby chicks!

  207. Lyn Kaufmann says:

    Fantabulous colors and baby chicks! Love Earth Day and it’s always nice to find people who think it’s special.

  208. Margo says:

    Hands down Buttercup is my fav! If only they could stay so little! So darling! It’s cold up here in Canada. We even had a bit of snow yesterday! BBrrrrrrr! Thanks for the chance at your giveaway! Happy Spring!

  209. Lori Smanski says:

    awww so adorable. brings back memories of being on the farm.

  210. Mara says:

    Thanks for a lovely giveaway! What kind of chicken is Elsie, so cute!

  211. Sandra H. says:

    Buttercup is so cute! Not to mention the beautiful fabric.

  212. Pauline Perry says:

    Your chicks are absolutely adorable – I am a chicken lover although I don’t have any. Love the fabric – the colours are fabulous.

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