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Monaluna Fabric Face Masks

It took forever, but I finally got Anabelle to sit down with me and make some fabric face masks last week. She’s been a little sewing-resistant, but the lure of picking her own fabric, and the increasing sense of boredom with sheltering-in-place, eventually won out. It’s a really easy project for beginning sewists, and it’s quick, so there’s that immediate reward thing. She picked the Spots fabric for herself (pale pink with metallic gold dots), I chose There Be Dragons, and we used the Arrows print for Dave, who loves that red-orange color.

We used a combination of online tutorials, but eventually landed on a customized version of this one, with modified sizing. Although these are pretty good, I think I’m going to tinker a bit this week and try to improve, and maybe work on one using our knits, which are really soft and dense. I think they will make great masks, once I perfect a pattern.

Now that we’ve sewn some for ourselves, I’m getting ready to sew more to share. It’s a great project project if you have a machine, some fabric scraps and a little time to spare!

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