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favorite things: the wedding quilt

Every morning I wake up to this gorgeous harmony of color that tops our bed. It was made by my dear friend Kirsten Jaglo, and given to us for our wedding a little over a year ago. I often find myself just staring at the colors and fabrics as I clear the sleep from my brain in the morning, marveling at the way one color flows into the next, punctuated with pops of pink and red.

The quilt itself is so beautiful, but that’s just the beginning. What’s truly amazing about this quilt is how Kirsten put so much of herself, and also our wedding story, into the quilt. Many of the fabrics were collected from her trips to places around the globe, particularly Indonesia and Africa. I’ve heard stories and seen photos of most of these trips, and I love the idea that pieces of our quilt came from there. Some of the pieces she even – get this! – hand-dyed for the quilt!

The quilting pattern itself is actually based on the queen anne’s lace graphic that we used for our wedding stationery, and on the back she attached a special quilt block that incorporates fabric transfer photos (thanks to her tech-savvy husband) – one of the three of us together, and one of our engagement, along with some words about our wedding. Really. You just can’t get a better memento than that. Thanks again, Special K!

The quilt top…

Stitching detail with our wedding graphic…

The quilt back.

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