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In the Garden: Monaluna for Windham Fabrics

It is official! My first fabric release with Windham Fabrics, In the Garden, is now live on their website! It won’t be shipping to retail customers until July, but this really makes it all feel real. If you missed my “Pivot” post, I’ll fill you in: last spring I made the decision to make a very big change to my business, and shift focus from producing my own line of organic fabric to licensing my artwork to Windham Fabrics. After so many years of wearing all the hats, it has been strange but wonderful to feel part of a larger team bringing the fabric to market. I’m sorry to have less direct interaction with my wholesale customers, and yet, I was able to spend this week working on artwork for my next collection while someone else (official sales reps, no less!) was handling the sales aspect.

The fabrics will continue to be GOTS-certified organic, and the weave is a high-density cotton, very similar to the standard Monaluna poplin quality. It’s wonderful for quilting as well as for apparel, accessories, home decor and other projects. I love it for how versatile it is.

I’ll post the official Look Book soon, but in the meantime I wanted to share some peeks at the fabric and fabulous samples that have been made from it.

Garden Crosses quilt by Field Trip Quilting, other quilts by Busybeequiltdesigns, Kitchentablequilting, and top quilt design by Josie Kate Snyder

The Lila Lounge Pants sewn by Karen LePage (pattern by Monaluna)

The Ella Dress, sewn by Karen LePage (pattern by Monaluna)
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