A couple years ago when some good friends of ours had their first baby, I made them a simple patchwork quilt. The mama is a fabulous photographer, and she took beautiful photos of the babe on the quilt each month, to document her growth. Well, they just had a second daughter about a month ago, and I’m finally getting around to making a companion quilt for the new daughter.

I decided I wanted 6″ squares, so I started out with 56 7×7″ squares, enough to make a 42×48″ quilt, or 8 strips of 7 6″ squares, allowing for a 1/2″ seam.

I haven’t tried quilting since Anabelle’s been able to crawl, and I learned it’s now much harder! I eventually got the squares laid out in the pattern I wanted them, but between the cat and the baby, it took some doing.

Once I had the arrangement figured out, I sewed the squares together one strip at a time, from left to right.

Then I sewed each strip together, taking care to match the squares up at the corner, until the whole top was pieced.

I used the pillowcase method to join the layers, which is the easiest and most forgiving way I know to do it. To do this, you lay the batting on your work surface, lay the quilt backing face-up on top of the batting, and then lay the quilt top face-down on top of the backing. I then secure all three layers with safety pins, and sew around the edge, leaving a 12-18″ gap at the bottom for turning. Once the edges have been stitched, I trim off the excess down to 1/4″, and clip the corners.

After turning the quilt through the gap, I iron all edges and hand-stitch the opening closed. Then, for this quilt, I used embroidery floss to tie knots at each corner, rather than quilting.

And finally, it’s done! Now I just need to get it in the mail…

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  1. Kristy says:

    Very sweet!!!! I love the knots too! My great aunt made me a quilt like this once and I literally used it 'til it was worn out!

  2. Emma Thomsen says:

    What a great quilt, I love the colours! Which reminds me, I usually make 'lap quilts' for the children's teachers at the end of Summer Term – only 3 weeks left until Summer Holidays, where does the time fly?

    • Luana says:

      I love the quilt! I would be interested in finidng out more about the modern random grid quilting. Is it just freestyle quilting (eye-guessing) your lines? I like the way yours looks. Thanks!

    • Tanaka says:

      vintage quilt blocks came in a boot box full of traeeurss I bought from a custom quilt shop.I laid them out in my studio and stared at them for a0weeks. a0I think these fabrics must be from

  3. OMG Annabelle has grown so much!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful!! Would be a great floor blanket for little ones. I'm planning to make this for my friend's little boy due in July! 🙂

  5. Nuruelciie says:

    I love the Zig-Zag Pattern and have thought about maknig a quilt for our 1st baby. Alas, it’s probably too late to do that in the next 10 days. I’d love to know how creative moms continue after kids 🙂

  6. Alexandr says:

    oooo too cute! perfect for a baby girl! and what I love most is the vareid width of the straight line quilting in each direction. Perfect for this design…looks so soft and snuggly!Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  7. Sandy Gray says:

    So cute, I don’t know why I quit making them like that!

  8. Linda says:

    I forgot about this method, thanks for reminding me. Nice tutorial!

  9. Taryn says:

    Hi, i was wondering what batting you used and where i can purchase it. Thanks!

  10. Ellie Kinne says:

    I am just making my first quilt following your technique. Last year our daughter was married and we “did” the entire wedding ourselves. After pouring over umpteen brides’ magazines, we decided the simpler the better. We had Gerber daisies as centerpieces and I made table runners over white table clothes to co-ordinate with the flowers…20 runners in all! It really looked lovely! Wedding over, what to do with all these runners!? I hated to not repurpose the fabric! Hence, Idecided to make them a queen size quilt! What an undertaking! I have the top all pieced…tomorrow I will assemble it. Wish me luck! Thanks for all your easy to follow directions.

  11. Ann Waddle says:

    We do family engagement for our school system, and plan to read books about quilts in February and then teach families how to make quilts using homemade charm packs. We will be reading The Quilt Walk, The Keeping Quilt, and Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt. I love this tutorial and think it will be a great intro-to-sewing-and-quilting for our families! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  12. kare says:

    Hi, I have just stumbled across this tutorial and LOVE the simplicity of this quilt! I am just finishing up on my first child’s quilt and was a bit daunted about the quilting part, though upon seeing how you do it, I am feeling a lot more confident! I just hope it turns out as beautiful as yours has! Thank you so much for this tutorial!

  13. Julie says:

    I love this simple quilt. My only question is how much yardage of each print did you purchase?
    I’m guessing either a quarter or a third of a yard of each print?

  14. Dottie Bonner says:

    Loved how simple and quickly this went together. It’s been a year since I quilted so this is a good one to get me back to quilting. Thanks!!

  15. Colleen says:

    This is so lovely, will try this method as you make it sound pretty simple …. :0)

  16. Granny Lewis says:

    Hello–Luv this–I have two granddaughters that I w/probably not be around when they have their babies–so–I decided to make each of them two baby quilts each–each w/b getting your design–Thank you–and soo easy for me! lol

  17. Michelle B says:

    Omg thank God I found this method!! I do not know how to do the bidding! That’s been weighing on my mind and as I am starting on my new great nieces quilt (she’s due I. October) I also didn’t want to do the “quilting” your technique is how I made a lap quilt for my grandmother to be buried with! I wasn’t sure it would work as well with a baby quilt!! I am also using a charm pack I bought a couple of years ago! It’s a Riley Blake collection! I love it! And I am going to put a border on it!! Thank you for this tutorial! I am feeling sooo much BETTER!

  18. Debbie says:

    I was just wondering if you tied the embroidery thread at each corner? I just love this baby quilt and am doing one for my great grandson who is due in January. Love your quilt.

  19. Noemí says:

    I’m so glad that you showed the quilt the back side to appreciate how it was done, not many people show the reverse thanks.

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