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I’m Jennifer Moore, an artist and designer with a focus on creative, sustainable products and lifestyle. I’m glad you’re here! Here’s a little bit about my path, and how I got here.

After studying anthropology and design at the University of Minnesota, I began my design career by working as a toy designer for Manhattan Toy. I then spent a few years designing hard goods, surface art and apparel for Target, Corp. before moving to San Francisco to work as a decorative accessories designer for Pottery Barn Kids. While living in SF, I met (and eventually married) my husband, Dave, and we moved to Walnut Creek, California, where I started my fabric brand, Monaluna.

After 12 years of running my own business designing and producing organic cotton fabric, and wearing many different hats (some of which fit better than others), I found myself in the midst of the covid lockdown, feeling creatively exhausted and profoundly burnt out. I longed for that creative spark, and for a little more meaning to my days, and it became clear that I needed to make a change. I decided to put my love for art, design and creativity back at the center of my business, and to actively seek out and celebrate the moments of creativity and beauty in my everyday life.

Around the same time, it also became clear that a lot of other people were finding themselves in a similar position of longing for more creativity and meaning in their lives. I decided to share my adventures in creativity here on the blog in hopes of sharing a bit of the creative spark with others.

Monaluna Design

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