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hot off the Singer…


I’ve been busy sewing all kinds of things with my new monaluna fabrics, and this is the latest edition:

I’ll take some better pictures this weekend, and upload them on the inspiration page of my website.
Until last month, my only sewing machine was a 1961 Singer Slant-o-matic, but I just got a new commercial-grade Singer. It’s like going from my 50cc scooter to a Harley. Vrooom! I still love the old machine, though.




  • Karen

    Wow–I love your fabrics! I am about to head over to your website to check the other ones out. What great design. Also, would love to hear what you think of your new machine…I’m thinking about getting a new one, myself.

  • monaluna

    Hi Karen! Thanks for checking out the site! I really like the new machine – it’s a Singer CG590, and I just happened upon it at our local vacuum/sewing machine shop (why do they always group those two together?) I tried to buy a new machine from Jo-ann’s last year, but when I got it home it was so flimsy feeling I just couldn’t deal. This one is heavy (it’s mostly metal, rather than plastic) but super sturdy, which I like. That being said, I haven’t used many machines OTHER than my ancient slant-o-matic, so I might not have the most up-to-date standards…

    I love your patchwork pillows – so great!

  • Miss Behave

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m sure you would be with me on #5 because they’re both cute and furry 🙂

    And your sewing machine is probably the coolest machine ever! I’m loving your blog and the projects you make, but the funniest thing is that I just browsed your fabric section and thought: Wait didn’t I ordered that 2 days ago?! So if the shipping is quick I’ll be the lucky owner of this pretty 1/2 yard stack next week 🙂

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