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I’ve been tagged!


Karen at craftermath, maker of lovely bags and beautiful, vibrant patchwork pillows, has tagged me to admit to 5 addictions. Yikes! So, after giving it a bit of thought, I’ve narrowed them down to the following:

1. Projects. It really is an addiction. I notice if I don’t have one in the works, or in the plans, I get kind of listless and unfocused, and sometimes lack motivation to get up in the morning.

2. Animals. We’re not allowed to have pets in our apartment (which, together with the lack of laundry services, is seriously making me want to stop renting) and so I troll the neighborhood on my daily walk, looking for cats to pet. I’ve adopted a flock of ducks who live on the lake by my house, and they actually come running -or waddling -when they hear my voice, knowing they’ll be fed. And I pretty much come unglued when I see llamas.

3. Design and craft books. I have way too many, and I’m always finding more to buy. I love them. Cookbooks, too.

4. Since Dave had his jaw surgery, I have to admit to a new addiction: mango smoothies. I spent most of my life to date in the dark about mangos, not really caring about them one way or the other. Now I care. A lot. And blended up with some vanilla ice cream? Heaven.

5. I was in the waiting room at the doctor’s office the other day, reading Time or one of the other magazines that they usually have there, when I came upon an article on internet addiction in China. According to the Chinese government, internet addiction is defined by the use of the internet for 6 hours a day over a period of 3 months. I think I qualify.




  • Karen

    I love craft and cookbooks too. It’s like buying them is halfway to making something creative. Like a placeholder. I have this weird thing with nutrition/diet books too. I love to read fad diet books, although my diet always kind of stays the same. So glad you could play!

  • Miss Behave

    I think I can safely say: I’m with you with every addiction 🙂

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