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Is it spring yet? It is here in Oakland, and one of my favorite spring weekend things to do is to walk the neighborhood, or go into San Francisco and walk the streets with a camera in hand. Sometimes the photos turn out well, sometimes not so much, but I find that I pay attention more, and I see more that way. With or without a camera, though, I really like taking the time to look around without an agenda and soak in the beauty that is there. Here are some photos that Dave and I took on a walk around West Oakland…

And some from San Francisco…




  • saltina

    those are some really cool photos.

  • Melissa

    I wish I could grab that sofa and have it reupholstered…

  • ShareWorldLove

    Great photographs and I agree with Melissa, I want that sofa 🙂

  • Linda Branch Dunn

    Wonderful photos. Wonderful blog. Thanks for getting me here!

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