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I have loved this little table ever since my dad gave it to me for my 11th birthday. He had jerry-rigged it a bit, tilting the top at a 45º angle (with the help of a curved… thingamajig attached to the base), and added a lip to one edge of the top so that I could use it as a music stand for practicing my flute. I have since re-styled it back to a regular table, but have always loved it’s quirky, retro-gizmo style. Well, thanks to Leah at More Ways to Waste Time I now have a name for that style… it’s kind of “steampunky”! Check out her awesome post on the subject of steampunk style here.




  • Willard B. Moore, PhD

    Dotter: It’s an old, really old typewriter table, at least that’s the word that I got from the junkman who sold it to me. I loved putting it all together for you and your flute exercises. Christmas, as I remember.

  • Willard B. Moore, PhD

    steampunk is a GREAT name. Would you also like a 1920s Humphrey water heater with copper coil?

  • monaluna

    Ok, maybe it was Christmas, but I was 11… flute lessons were pretty short-lived. Like, age 11 – 11 1/2. At least the table stayed around…

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