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oh, baby!


I don’t know what’s in the water these days, but I have three close friends who will be having babies in the next couple of months, plus one who just had a baby (welcome to the world, Ellison!). So, in celebration of the coming little people, I’m making baby quilts. My mother still has a quilt that her good friend made for me when I was a baby, and I’ve always felt a special bond with that woman, in part, I think, because she made something for me when I was so small.

These will be pretty simple – probably just basic patchwork squares – but they’re really fun to do, and easier to work with than a regular-sized quilt. I’ll post the finished products when I’m done with them.




  • Linda B

    Beautiful fabric! I can’t wait to see it all together:)

  • live a colorful life

    I just purchased some more of your fabric. Love it. These will be so cute.

  • Emily Arrison

    I love your website and fabrics! Thanks for being so inspiring.

  • pspring

    I LOVE the color combinations and the varying patterns. This will make such a special piece that someone will be very lucky to have. Cheers!

  • Karen

    These will make a great quilt. Can’t wait to see it!

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