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old home week


I’ve been staying at my mother’s house in Minneapolis for almost a week now. She’s put me to work in the yard, turning the vegetable garden, digging out chokecherry stumps and planting tomatoes and herbs, and begonias in the tree-shaded front yard.

It’s an amazing feeling being back in this place where I was for so long. My life is completely different now, but when I’m back here, looking out at the same geography of irises, hostas and blue willows, surrounded by the smell of lilacs carried on air that threatens rain, well. Time takes on a different shape.

Of course, it also means an internet connection so slow and tenuous that I haven’t had patience for blogging, or even email. By now, the photos from the quilt market seem like old news, but they’re so beautiful and inspiring that I’d like to share them with you anyway. I’m unfortunately missing some of the quilt credits, but I’ll try to repost with the missing credits when I get home.

Cinda’s Circles by Karen Pharr

Butterfly wing detail

detail of Del Hi by Valori Wells

Paisley Peacock by Faith Wescom

Neutral Territory by Terry Atkinson and Liz Lois

Clever creatures at Indygo Junction

Seminole pieced skirt by Carrie Washington

Showing off with the embroidery machine…

Amy Butler’s booth – SUCH gorgeous colors!

Styling at Moda

Marcus Fabrics’ booth. I love the blues and browns…



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