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A couple of months ago I stumbled onto Jasmine Surovec‘s blog A Print A Day and discovered her incredible self-published/edited/designed/written and illustrated magazine Parasol. The magazine is designed to promote art and design as well as creative small businesses and emerging artists, it is gorgeous, and it is FREE. Uh-huh, that’s right. How cool is that? She recently put out the 3rd edition, featuring artwork and interviews with an impressive array of photographers, painters, clothing designers, jewelry makers and bloggers, as well as some crafty D.I.Y. projects and even book, movie and music recommendations. Check it out! Here’s just a tiny sampling of what she’s included:

The hauntingly beautiful photographs of Greg Girard above, and Aaron Feaver, below

(I can’t stop looking at this photograph, and just discovered it’s for sale at a ridiculously inexpensive price here)

jewelry by Margaux Lange

Italian clothing designer Maria Lucia Squillari

gorgeous illustrations of Jessica Gonacha

… and some of Jasmine’s own brilliant illustrations.




  • Verão

    Wow. What a gem! And I love the name of the magazine! I love the jewelry!

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