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This past weekend I was in Denver for the first time for a wedding. The first day we were there, my sister-in-law, who was putting us up, took us up to Boulder for a hike. The drive was gorgeous, but by the time we got to the mountains, it started to pour. Defeated, we went in search of a sandwich shop, and found instead Purl Knit Cafe. A combination yarn shop and cafe, this place serves as a spot for locals to get together and knit and chat. What a great idea!

Although I’m just a beginning knitter, I fell in love with the yarns and ended up buying some highly textured bamboo/cotton yarn that looks almost like strings of beads. It’s gorgeous, but I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. Any suggestions?

The wedding itself was in downtown Denver, and the rehearsal dinner was at a modern Mexican restaurant called Tamayo, which served some of the best margaritas I’ve ever had. Dinner was served on the rooftop patio, where we could enjoy the view of the mountains and the sunset.

Finally, being at a wedding so shortly after the death of Michael Jackson really underscored for me how important his music was. The moment that the dj played the first few notes of “Billy Jean” the dance floor went crazy. However strange he became in recent(er) years, his contribution was enormous. Thanks, Mr. Jackson.




  • Linda B

    What a cool cafe! I wish we had neat stuff like that in our town. I LOVE the yarn you bought. I crochet, but don't knit. I would make a scarf with it:D

  • live a colorful life

    Oh, sew beautiful. I mean “so” beautiful (I'm itching to get to my sewing machine with some of your fabric….). Anyway, beautiful green yarn. A scarf would be yummy.

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