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Remember back in March when we planted those cute little tomato plants? They were so small and unassuming, and fit so nicely in our little garden.

Well. Now they are the tomatoes-about-to-eat-the-house. They’re huge! And growing. And they have dozens of little green tomatoes hiding under the leaves. I’m waiting with bated breath for a couple more weeks of sunny days and fresh tomato salad. I had to tie up the wayward branches this morning so they wouldn’t droop to the ground under the weight of all those capreses-to-be. We have 3 kinds: June Pink (which was supposed to be the earliest, but which hasn’t done much yet), Cherokee purple (my favorite from last year) and Mr. Stripey, which I’ve never grown before but which literally has about 50 baby tomatoes on it right now. Plus a volunteer Sun Gold that must have re-seeded itself from last year’s plant. Yum!

And speaking of gardens, here are a couple garden-related prints I’m working on…




  • Rebecca

    Mmm … we have lots of baby tomatoes too! We planted over 80 plants with lots of different varities, so we are going to be swimming in tomatoes soon!!! Yours are looking great! And I love the prints as well!

  • monaluna

    80 plants??? whoa! what will you do with all of those? I have a great tomato sauce recipe if you need ideas. 🙂

  • Rebecca

    That's exactly what we do! Make all our pasta sauce, veggie juice, and lots of BBQ sauce. We are going to try ketchup this year as well. I'd love to hear your recipe for sauce, as I'm always trying to make mine better!!!

  • Brian

    The tomatoes are looking pretty good and a free plant to boot, can't be bad.

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