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one of those weeks


What’s that they say about good intentions? I had lots of them this week. All kinds of ideas for projects and blog posts, but then the week turned into, well, one of those weeks. Lots of good stuff going on, but not a lot of project time. And now I’m off again on another break, but hopefully I’ll come back with tons of inspiration (and more photos!). In the meantime, I’ll share a photo of our most recent tomato harvest:

It’s that point in the season where our garden has turned into a giant mass of tomato plants, and they’re fruiting like crazy. Luckily, we have a couple of basil plants eeking out some sun from under the vines, and a couple of peppers too, so we’ve been living on caprese salads and homemade tomato sauce – not a bad way to live, I must say.



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