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It never did rain yesterday, but was cold and cozy anyway. After a day of painting prints in the studio, Dave and I decided to take on the bedroom, and painted it a sunny yellow. I’m still getting used to the color, but it’s wonderfully warm and rich, and I think it’ll look really nice with the dark wood furniture. It’s been pretty funny getting up to speed on all these home projects – we now own paint rollers and extenders, grout spreaders, a miter saw (!!!)… even real spackle. Gone are the days of using toothpaste to fill picture holes.

The paint we used is Mythic from our local Ace Hardware, and I love LOVE it. It’s totally non-toxic with no VOCs, has almost no smell, and goes on nice and thick. It dries fast, too, which is a bonus. Plus, their graphic design is fabulous. Check it out for your next DIY paint job!



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