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I’m in the studio painting again today, listening to the radio and watching another storm front come in. I think this is my favorite part of my job: pulling all the abstract ideas and inspirations together and watching them turn in to a new group of prints. Today I’m working on travel and city-scapes… hopefully I’ll get to share them soon! The main challenge is not getting distracted by all the other holiday and house things I feel like I should be doing. I can’t believe it’s already December 11th! I always get so busy this time of year that I don’t get to fully turn my attention to the holidays until, like, Christmas Eve. And this year there are house projects in the mix, too. We’ve been burning the midnight oil trying to get some of them done, though. Here’s our updated project list:
-build a new trellis
-put up chair rail and crown molding in living room (nope, still not done)
-re-tile the kitchen where the microwave/hood was removed (not to code)
-line blanket closet with cedar
-paint the bedroom
-remove the bathroom vanity
-paint the bathroom
-install new vanity
-build a shed
-insulate and sheetrock the attic
-level the yard
You may notice that the bathroom vanity has been removed, but we haven’t gotten around to installing the new one yet. Yeah, that’s been a bummer. Turns out, the one we liked (and bought) has a plumbing mechanism that’s incompatible with our water hook-ups. And I thought that would be the easy part. Silly me.



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