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blossoms and cows


I hate to sound like I’m gloating to those of you in still-cold climates, but the weather continues to be absolutely gorgeous here. I’m working on a couple new print collections, but decided I needed an inspiration-break yesterday, and went for a walk up to the ridge near our house. It’s incredible to see how much the landscape here changes here after a couple months of rain. What was a dry, golden hill last fall is this lush, green and blossoming pasture full, as I mentioned before, of cows. I’m not sure exactly how these images will filter themselves into my collections (would you guys buy cow-print fabrics?), but the walk cleared my head and left me feeling very happy to be here.




  • I needed that! Thanks for sharing some warmth and blossoms. Being a farm girl, I even appreciated the bovine pictures just as much 🙂
    So excited to see more of you work!

  • Ooh magnolia blossoms – I love them! Here in germany we have to wait for that until april! We have “snowbells” here, tiny little white flowers, but I buy tulips once a week in the flowershop 🙂
    By the way, i would like to ask you something about your beautiful fabrics, especially one print that I am looking for: mingle stone in spring colors pink and green. I wondered as I often have to read “discontinued” in many shops, does it mean this print will not produced any more?
    have a nice weekend! Uta

  • monaluna

    Hi Rosie and Uta! Uta, I love magnolia blossoms too. We just bought a gorgeous pink magnolia for our front yard, and are planning on planting it this weekend. Regarding the pebble fabric, it's a good question – I am not sure if the manufacturer, Robert Kaufman is planning on running that fabric again. I will ask the next time I speak with them. If not, it's one of my favorites for blending, so I may run it myself when the license contract runs out. Thanks for your interest!

  • Thanks for your answer dear Jennifer! Good news in your last post! I look forward for the new and the old prints! :))

  • monaluna

    Hi Uta – I just happened to see the pink and green stone fabric on Volksfaden, if you're still looking ( It's under Robert Kaufman fabrics.

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