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It’s been a busy week here, so I haven’t broken ground on the quilt project yet, but I did get started making a couple baby things. The new quilt fabrics have been calling me, so I used a little to make appliques for baby onesies this weekend. I bought the shirts at Target – just plain cotton, $7 for three, I think, and added some little embellishments. I have one more to go – what do you think I should put on that one? I’m thinking maybe a fabric portrait of our cat…

In other news, we are breaking ground, literally, on the yard today. I’m feeling a little bit evil for agreeing to have a pine tree removed, along with a bunch of old stumps and overgrown hedges. The tree was little, and pretty unhealthy and leaning severely. Still, I hate killing trees. I’m trying to keep in mind that a lovely garden will go there instead, and we’re certainly planting lots of other trees to make up for it. Still…




  • Linda B

    Very cute! The cat idea sounds good.

  • mari

    I like the cat idea, too. Your work is absolutely lovely! And so cute. You're going to use those onesies a lot, sometimes changing them up to a few times a day (Or is my baby just very messy?) Burp cloths and bibs are other necessities. I can imagine you'll make some beautiful ones if you do.

  • monaluna

    Thanks, guys! I have heard that they go through a lot of these, so I'm stocking up…

  • Dana

    These are amazing, you are so talented! You are going to love these this summer, Ellison wore little onesies all summer and they were perfect.

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