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eye candy: flea market inspiration


On the hunt for some storage pieces for our house, Dave and I hit the Alameda Flea Market this Sunday. We actually got there on the early side this time – rare, despite our best intentions – and there was lots of great stuff to see. We ended up buying a couple things (2 great storage pieces, and a couple that are just pretty) and we took some fun photos for future inspiration. I thought I’d share some images with you.




  • Willard B. Moore, PhD

    I love your new (or adapted) photo technique – color over B&W.All those black telephones and two red ones. And your fabric table cloth on a table of plastic bowls, probably Danish.

    I can't wait to see the finished home, new studio and bambita!

  • janeen

    i really wish i had more stuff like this where i live… i love northern ca and all it has to offer… my sis lives in santa rosa and it is always so refreshing to visit her and explore different areas 🙂

  • monaluna

    Hi Janeen – thanks for stopping by! Yep, I feel pretty lucky to live here – there is so much to do, and lots of creative inspiration. Plus, short, mild winters. Gotta love it!

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