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I got a surprise package in the mail from my mom yesterday. Inside was my very own travel mug from Pretty n’ Preppy, using some of my About Town fabric. I just love it!

Out of curiosity I thought I’d check Etsy to see what other stuff they had, and saw a bunch of really cute new stuff. As I’ve said before, I love seeing what people do with the fabrics, so I thought I’d post some more images. I’m always amazed by the wealth of creativity I see on Etsy, and these are just a few great examples.

from She Sews Lovely shop
from Brody & Ma’s shop
from The Ellie Rose shop
from Live Oaks‘ shop
from Pixie Spit’s shop
from Cazhoffy’s shop




  • PrettynPreppy

    We're so glad you love your mug! It looks so pretty next to the flowers.

    We were so excited when we got the order and found out it was for you. We wanted to brag about it but didn't want to spoil the surprise.

    Can't wait to get our hands on your new fabric. The pink and green is fabulous!

    Jennifer & Janet

  • Saunde

    I'm so excited to be featured on your blog… Your fabric has inspired so many of my projects!!! I can't wait to create with your new line!!!

    The Ellie Rose

  • Kari

    I'm glad you have lavender and green in some of your fabrics. Just wanted to share that! 🙂

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