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Maybe it’s the pregnancy, but I’ve been having this odd desire to learn how to crochet lately. Kind of figures that instead of food cravings I’m suffering from craft cravings. In a wild burst of optimism, I bought a huge and beautiful book on the subject, along with 3 sizes of crochet hooks, and even though I know perfectly well that I don’t really have time for a new hobby right now, I jumped in. Here’s where I want to go:

And here’s where I am:

Okay, I’m still just practicing. This is my problem with hobbies – I want to be good at them right away. I have trouble being patient with the learning process. I’m inspired, though, so I really want to stick with it.
When I was little I had a dress made (by my grandmother) of granny squares like this one:

I called it the “potholder dress”. Once I master the shell blanket, I think I want to try to make one for “Little Bit”. I’m also fancying the purse, below. That one looks harder, though – I might have to work up to it…




  • Linda B

    You picked a fun and easy hobby! I picked up crocheting again, after not doing it for about 20 years. I'm right back into it and creating my own patterns. LOVE IT!

  • BSA

    You are a hooker now 😉 and thats coming from a male hooker 🙂 It's lots of fun once you get in the groove!

  • FabricWorm

    How fun! My Mom was in a club called the “hookers” didn't get it until I was older:) Can't wait to see your creations!

  • Linda Branch Dunn

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  • Linda Branch Dunn

    Everything old is new again. Back in the day (late 60s) I made piles of these out of (gack) acrylic yarn, then sewed them into vests and scarves. I remember wishing I had enough for a maxi skirt. Jeez.

  • monaluna

    Hi Linda – thats exactly what the little dress was made from! Acrylic granny squares in bright pink, purple, green… very 70s. I loved it. My mom is sure she still has it somewhere, and since it was acrylic it's probably in fine condition. Admittedly, I was thinking if I ever get around to making one myself I'd use cotton yarn…

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