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dreaming of gardens


Torrential rain on Sunday has given way to that fine, clear spring sunlight that just makes me want to be outside. I have piles of website work to do, so will be at my desk, but I am itching to get out and plant the peach and pomegranate and lemon trees that are just waiting patiently to go in the ground, and start planning our garden. At least I bought some flowers this weekend, so I have some interior hints of the garden to revel in. I’m also working on some new floral textile collections, so maybe I can console myself by drawing flowers if I can’t be planting them.

(ranunculus, our menu board, and a list of nice things for husbands to do… 😉




  • Dana Charette

    I love that board! reminds me of yummy dinners at your house. I might put one in our new house as well. Thinking of you!! xo

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