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sewing day


Life has been so busy here the past couple of weeks. We’ve been finishing the attic on our house (in preparation for all the fabric that’ll be arriving soon!), painting furniture (photos of the “afters” coming as soon as I get said furniture into place), building the new Monaluna website, working on new collections, preparing for baby (wow, that event is swiftly approaching!), and trying to get a bit of a start on our garden. I feel like it’s been a looooonnnng time since I had a chance to sew. But seeing as how I’m outgrowing most of my clothing and am underwhelmed by the maternity options out there, I think I’m going to take some time off today and try to sew something to wear. I’m thinking of making this dress (Burda 8377):

With one of these Anna Maria Horner fabrics:

Which one do you like? I love the middle one, but am thinking horizontal stripes might not be such a good idea at this stage. Actually, I love them all – maybe I’ll get ambitious and make several little dresses. I’m also planning to sew my first samples from the Monaco sample yardage that arrived last week. Probably just pillows, but still – woo-hoo!




  • Mermaid

    There's nothing better than a sewing day! I've just blogged about being inspired to make some new summer clothes.

  • JoonToons

    i'd go for option three. i just saw a blouse made from that fabric somewhere (if i knew where, i'd provide a link) and it was to die for.

    looking forward to seeing the result! 🙂

  • Courtney

    My vote is for option 1 as that Forest Hills print is gorgeous and would make a lovely, quirky dress!

  • delitealex

    I like option 3 the best.

  • Glass Goddess

    option 3… all the way

  • Karen

    I love the middle one. And swirly horizontals are different than angular ones, I think, so I would go for it. I love that color combination! Ah you make me miss my sewing machine so much, but it's on its way to me, being shipped oversea since I moved. : (

  • Justine

    I'm with Courtney its definitely got to be option 1, Forest Hills Sweet is to die for and looks great made up into a dress, I made one for my daughter!!

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