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Hi everybody – it looks like I’ll be on a blog break for a few days… wish me luck! Hopefully I’ll be back soon with Li’l Bit photos and a new family member!




  • Justine

    Good luck with everything! Justine xx

  • Shelley

    Good luck!!!! We're thinking of you and can't wait to hear the good news!!

  • David (a.k.a. Kirsch):

    Yes, good luck, and let me know when I can come visit!

  • Caroline

    Hope it all goes well!! x

  • Oh yes! Wish you luck and a wee great adventure!
    x Uta

  • MelanieO

    Good luck & can't wait to see Li'l Bit!

  • Mermaid

    Hope all goes well, good luck, thinking of you.
    Take care

  • Ginny

    Oh best wishes Jennifer!!!! You are in for some sweet days, when the rest of the world fades and you live and breathe your precious new baby!

  • monaluna

    Thanks, everybody! I really appreciate your comments. We're back and finally getting settled in with our new baby Anabelle.

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