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sewing inspiration: ottobre magazine


Okay, it has been way too quiet on the blog front lately! The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of cutting and packaging and shipping and baby-tending, and somehow the few projects I’ve fit in haven’t made their way onto the blog. Things are starting to settle down here, though – I’m finally getting the hang of this fabric store business, and Anabelle has warmed up to her role of shop girl, happily cooing and kicking and weighing in on decisions from her mattress on the studio floor. She’s gotten really used to our trips to the post office, too.

In the midst of the fabric hoopla, I received a copy of the new edition of Ottobre Design, a Finnish magazine that features kids’ clothing and sewing patterns. They were kind enough to send me a complimentary copy because they used a print from the Mingle collection in one of their designs, and so I got my first peek at their magazine. Oh, my! I am in love! The designs are wonderful, and the whole magazine so inspiring! I haven’t started doing any sewing for Bella yet – she’s really just now filling out a a onesie – but after looking through Ottobre I’m totally excited to get started.

I really appreciate the whole message of the magazine, too. They have taken a very modern approach to a traditional past time, and have grown their audience by tapping into the internet and on-line creative communities. In her editorial letter, editor-in-chief Tuula Hepola states that “Part of our success is based on the general trend toward reviving manual skills in all spheres of life. The philosophy of slow life-style respects traditional values and conceptions of beauty but filters them through a contemporary lens. Whether for needle-work or homemade apple marmalade, the resources and ideas offered by virtual communities are readily made use of.” Well exactly. Here are some of the images I love:

Such a cute boys’ shirt, featuring my Mingle box print
I absolutely love this fabric, which is by Hilco
I want to make this one, using the Monaco pink scooters and starbursts
One day, anabelle will have this dress made with the
Monaco teal birds and double dots




  • live a colorful life

    That little boy's green shirt in the Mingle box print is perfect. It would look so great on my adorable 2-year-old grandson.

  • live a colorful life

    Jennifer, the Monaco fabric just arrived in my mailbox about five minutes ago. For anyone reading this comment, order some NOW. It is fabulous!!

  • monaluna

    I'm so glad you like it, Cindy! YAY!! 🙂

  • Susanna Mendiola

    And there is Mingle! So cute as a shirt!

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